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More on Ric Flair and the WWE Hall of Fame, Early Talk on WrestleMania 29

– WWE announcing Edge for this year’s Hall of Fame in Miami would indicate that Toronto will not host WrestleMania 29 next year. Toronto had been discussed but news came out today that Dallas, Texas and Cowboys Stadium is being considered for next year. The idea would be to use Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and perhaps The Undertaker’s retirement as the big outside draws. Toronto was expected to see Trish Stratus and Edge go into the Hall next year if it hosted WrestleMania.

Regarding Ric Flair, this will be the first time WWE has ever inducted someone contracted to a rival promotion into their Hall. Sources indicate that Triple H called Ric Flair on January 9th, before RAW aired and informed him of the Horsemen induction. Flair was at the TNA Impact tapings in Orlando.

It appears key people in TNA weren’t aware of the induction until it aired on RAW. As of January 10th, no officials in TNA had spoken to Flair about it. Ric Flair and Vince McMahon do talk so the idea of inducting the Horsemen was likely brought up in the past. It’s been discussed internally ever since WWE made amends with JJ Dillon and Arn Anderson alone was expected for the Hall of Fame in Atlanta last year.

WWE wants Flair to be there and likely wants him to be involved in the Network when it launches.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    If Flair gets involved with WWE again, it should be just with the network. Other than that he can stay in TNA. this is TNA’s problem, their top ex WWE guys are all leaving.

  • Captain

    How will this work. Ric is already in the Hall of Fame. So does he get two rings?

  • HR

    It’s going to be great to hear the 4 Horsemen theme song again.

  • JIR

    Flair as the host or analyst along with JR and Joey Styles on the WWE network would be a legit way to go I’d watch

  • Hunter

    ”Home” for Flair will always be WCW/NWA – not WWE, in my eyes. Never saw him as a Vince guy until his budding friendship with HHH kicked in.

  • 1919dpg

    i don’t understand why ric didn’t stay in wwe as a manager or producer backstage. he messed up his retirement so badly.

  • Good R-Truth

    Ric Return to WWE full time! In an ideal world I’d love for WWE to sign Jay Lethal and do his Nature Boy imitation gimmick and He would be managed by Flair. I loved that shit in TNA. Would be Even better in the E.

  • Jon

    True but TNA would have the say if they want Flair on WWE tv or not. Who knows. Maybe Dixie will be nice and maybe allow it, but also she problary tell Ric it TNA or WWE. Or Ric might as well quit TNA.

  • CC

    Difference is Jon, last year he wasnt being inducted, he was just there as a friend. You cant induct someone and not have them on screen, unless they are dead.

  • Jon

    Still see Flair there. I mean he was there last year. But as I keep saying I doubt we will see him in WWE television.

  • No1coleminer

    just come home Flair