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Ricardo Rodriguez Comments on His WWE Departure

– As noted, WWE has released Ricardo Rodriguez. He tweeted the following after the announcement:

“I have come to terms with WWE on my release. I want to thank them for a great 4 years. But I miss wrestling”

  • Keith Learmonth

    It seems very suspicious that the spammers seem to have appeared at exactly the same time as the misleading ads all over every article. Like, the ones that always say “THE REFEREE COULD DO NOTHING WHEN AJ LEE…”… and then you click on it, and get redirected to Main Event results from 5 months ago.

  • Joe Sweat

    But, will he still perform as El Local in NXT?

  • Jason Lentini

    Amish if you read this something needs to be done about these spammers

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  • shakins


  • Kristopher Robinson

    He only wrestled in WWE, what once or twice?!