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Richie Steamboat Advertised For Upcoming WWE Show, Latest “WWE Download”

— WWE developmental wrestler Richie Steamboat is advertised for Saturday’s SmackDown live event at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be facing Drew McIntyre.

Promoting the show via interview, Natalya says she has made a name for herself in WWE through hard work and dedication rather than her ties to the legendary Hart family.

“I love the fact that I’m making history, but my family didn’t make me who I am today,” she says. “What I do is a dream fulfilled. Everything I’ve earned is on my own.”

— Dolph Ziggler has video of “Layla” marrying “CM Punk” in this week’s episode of WWE Download. He also receives a special visit from self-proclaimed Internet Champion Zack Ryder.


  • This is a comment about richie steamboat he’s got the what it takes to make it in the wwe.No he’s nothing like his father he’s trying to make it on his own.Give him a break, as you can see I’m a big steamboat fan.

  • scooter

    Richies awesome in the ring but I think kassius ohno or dean ambrose are closer to being ready both guys are the total package richies lacking the mic skills at the moment although I’d think he and seth rollins being called up as a tag team would be bad ass!

  • Kawika

    @Blah yea he was also brought out by his father to one of his matches when he was a baby.

  • BlaH

    Is he the Dragon that was in oven back in the day
    when Steamboat was fueding with Savage???

  • kitkrock

    Richie Steamfish will never be as good as his father Ricky Steamfish.

  • poko

    Ziggler will get his shot. He has to, if anyone in WWE management has any sense at all. He just needs to be put over as main event talent. Having him get squashed against a gimmick wrestler like Clay isn’t helping at all, however. It’s sacrificing long-term development for a short-term buzz.

  • Tyler(:

    From the clips I’ve seen of Richie Steamboat, I like him. Hope he’s called up as soon as he’s ready.

  • Robinson

    Ziggler deserves a run with the whc. He has a good character and is a very good wrestler. Im not sayin im just sayin.