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More on Richie Steamboat’s WWE Release, El Locals Debut New Masks, Armando Estrada

– Former WWE star Armando Estrada turns 35 years old today.

– As noted, Los Matadores defeated El Locals, likely Tyson Kidd and Ricardo Rodriguez, in the dark match before last night’s WWE tapings in Corpus Christi. Erin sent word that El Locals debuted new masks last night.

– Regarding WWE releasing Richie Steamboat from his developmental deal, the news came out only through a recent interview that Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) did. It was reported back in late October that Steamboat was still recovering from back surgery he had last year and that there was some concern he may not be able to return to the ring.

  • mikhailhoti

    ok That part Tyler was stupid to say. But Hero passed his prime cant make a name for himself now in WWE when so much talent already made a name.

  • mikhailhoti

    You know jobbers are important in wrestling……..

  • mikhailhoti

    Agree with Tyler a 100 and 10 %. But for Richie, Dude. The guy was hospitalised and might never wrestle again. So wwe keeps paying him for laying in bed with the end result him retiring? seriously people stop moaning and use a bit of logic.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Punk/Bryan aren’t that special??

    And yet he was one of the WWEs hottest stars of 2011 & had a year long title reign in 2012……

    Yeah ok then

  • Tyler(:

    It’s not moronic, it’s just because I’m one of the few people that actually sees that Punk/Bryan and all the other ROH followups aren’t that special. Like I said before, you moan at everything unless all of your guys are winning every match and championship.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Tyler half the stuff you say is moronic anyway…

    At the end of the day what it boils down to is them failing to capitalise on opportunities in front of them, it’s not about “internet darlings” it’s about the next potential opportunities to make big stars, and these are the guys who could do that. I mean what use does Heath Slater have?? Will he become marketable and put asses in seats and become a big star in the next few years?? Fuck no!! Yet he’s still employed, while these guys get released

    It’s a simple case of them not knowing what’s in front of them

  • Tyler(:

    Yeah because if they didn’t release Hero, you’d of moaned he’s being stuck in NXT. if he got promoted, you’d of moaned he’d of been misused, if he won the World Title, you’d of moaned it was too soon.

    Quit fucking moaning, you guys moan at everything unless it’s one of your indy darlings getting pushed too far. WWE would be boring.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    So they release Chris Hero and Richie Steamboat yet Heath Slater & The Great Khali still have jobs

    Wow the wwe really does have some morons