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- Former WWE star Rikishi spoke with the Unplugged radio show this week and talked about his sons, The Usos, in WWE and other topics. You can listen to the MP3 at this link. Here are some highlights:

His sons The Usos in WWE and their new entrance:
“First of all, I am very proud and happy of my sons and I am happy with the opportunity that has been given to them. Their new entrance is the Haka and its a tribal dance when they are going out to war and it is something they use to do back in the day so I’m very happy that they can put that into their entrance today and bring a bit of their custom into their deal there.

I’m glad things worked out (in the WWE) because I was thinking about bring them into the Territory League. Any day the boys aren’t happy with the company there, they always have a place to come into the Territory League.”

Has he talked to anyone in WWE about returning:
“No, I haven’t talked to WWE in a while, I still talk to certain friends of mine but on a business level, I have not talked to them. I have been so busy with my company, Knox entrainment, the tour with Hulkamania, our school in Los Angeles and the Territory League, my hands are full right now… you never say never in this business.”

Rikishi’s thoughts on Samoa Joe:
“This guy here can mix it up with the best out there given the opportunity. In this business, there is a lot of politics that you go through and sometimes a way out, the company will throw that “weight issue” on you and it is what it is.”

  • Gary

    the muscle buster has been done in wwe past but i think they would have him submisson more if he went to wwe..

  • YourDumb

    IIRC Batista did the Muscle Buster on more than a few occasions.

  • uncle farker

    Too cool and rikishi ruled

  • shawn

    i wonder what the wwe thinks of joes finisher, the “muscle buster”. that move looks very dangerous and i cringe whenever i see it. personally i give tna some credit because of that and some other moves accepted by them. i like some expertise with some of the most dangerous shit you see, thats how you show respect as a wrestling fan. who cares about how they run their company, just channel surf and sqeeze your lady or boyfriend.

  • venom

    Joe should go to the WWE. He would be a fool not to because he is jobber now. WWE would probably call him Samoa Moe or Joe “The Samoan.”

  • Pissed Off Fan =[

    I can def see Samoa Joe in the WWE pretty soon after his contract in that weak company is over. Sucks though cause he would have to change his name.
    I would also LOVE to see Rikishi for a one-night only come back at like Royal Rumble and stick-face some people

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