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Rikishi Sounds Off On WWE Not Using Him On “Blast from the Past” SmackDown

Rikishi fired off a series of messages on his Twitter account Tuesday evening criticizing WWE for not utilizing him on the “Blast from the Past” edition of SuperSmackDown Live. His sons, Jey and Jimmy Uso, competed against Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd on the live broadcast and he strongly feels he should have accompanied them for their match. The former WWE Superstar wrote:

* I wanted to be there with my sons @WWEUSOS but you know the deal. #NoDeal I want what I want @WWE!!! Sry fans maybe next time on @TERRITORYLEAGUE

* U can’t play this . I put in my time to call my own shots in this business.. find another SUCKER !!! You loss I WIN …

* Dnt be scared to put me on TV . I won’t steal the show. But you know I’m damn sho gonna give the ppl what they wanna see.POP GOES THE CROWD

* You say #blastfromthepast . I say #blastmyazz .. I’m too legit to quit !!! Dancin off u can’t touch this !! Ppls request ,, #kidgames

* The ppl are NOT stupid !! I see all ur tweets… I’m not a greedy man . I’m a fair man !! But I’m NOT dumb either. POP GOES THE CROWD!!

Rikishi also retweeted a message from wrestler cousin Black Pearl ripping his sons’ segment on the show: “Boring ass segment with no pop.. should of paid @TheREALRIKISHI what he deserves.. #epicfail cover up.”

  • adam

    I would love to see something with rikishi and brodus to as long as its a match not a dance contest. I mean the brodus thing is kind of ridciolous and his music is annoying as hell. I would pefer hearing the too cool music again and i thought that was annnoying. Also like i said earlier it is disgusting watching brodus dance so in a match yes dance contest no.

  • b c Mitchell

    Rants like this will bury his kids or to phrase it so Rikishi will understand #futureendeavor

  • B

    I would have loved to see him do something with Brodus Clay, myself.

  • Stevie P

    You guys act like Rikishi was barely around when he was in the WWF/E when he was there since the early 90’s. I think 20 years in the WWF/E does earn you at least some respect.

    Would I have done what he did and go to Twitter? Probably not but it’s not like the guy was in the WWE for a year or 2.

  • Dean

    I cant wait until no one goes on Twitter anymore. I dont care wont people are trending worldwide, I dont care about the dumb things they have to say.

  • Dan

    Rikishi was the same era as Mick Foley, so if it was based on Rikishi being too recent then that makes no sense. If it was because he wasn’t as big a star as the rest of the legends then fair enough.

  • Mark

    he needs to shut up

  • fail

    I like rikishi but this isnt helping him. Would love to see too cool and rikishi again in wwe stuff like this doesnt help. i wouldnt bring him back if i was wwe lol

  • adam

    Ok rikishi wasentertaining when he was in wwe. And He was awesome when he was a heel. Also the Uso’s are a good team and underutilized. But they had legends there like piper tony atlas sgt slaughter. As good as rikishi was he was only a tag and IC champ and wasnt that memorable for eitehr. The most memorable he was was when he was for teamed with too cool and his short run in the main event as a heel. Also i would have to say though if i had to make a choice which dancing gimmik i’d rather see i would say Rikishi over Brodus clay. I mean Rikishi wasnt in the best of shape but at least when he danced it didnt look like a giant bowl of jello.

  • me

    whilst i agree with his point, rikishi wasn’t on tv too long ago, the people on raw were oldschool, every one of them, rikishi isn’t oldschool, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb, also he was acting incredibly childish in his tweets throwing his dummb out of the pram.

    grow up bro, damn.

  • Devil_Rising

    I think the man has a point.

    But GOD DAMN do I hate texting and twitter, the biggest reason being that the way people type makes them look terribly retarded….

  • Jason L

    Thx Logan. I see I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of this hashtag and @blahblah bullshit

  • Gorilla

    I got say rikishi you have put alot time in this world of wrestling but to talk like your on level of Taker Austin HBK or Rock your embarrassing yourself you’ll be remembered as the phat boy who danced and gave stink faces which was over at the time but kishi you need chill out …pop goes the crowd;)

  • Wow

    If he’s smart he’d keep that stuff to himself. He’s only risking getting his son’s punished.

  • rko

    The only problem is kish you’re not a legend. Not everyone that steps into that squared circle is an automatic legend.

  • Logan

    For one week can Twitter shut down? lol

  • Splash

    I put in my time to call my own shots in this business.. find another SUCKER !!!

    The Kish talking like he shaped this business. The only thing he’s shaped is a large ass groove on his couch. Don’t actually mind the guy but talking like that you’d think he was a force to be reckoned with in wrestling.

  • Flip

    No Rikishi WWE didn’t lose either the fans did.