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Ring Announcer Parts Ways With WWE, Says She Dating WWE Superstar

Ring announcer Eden Stiles announced late Tuesday night on Twitter that she has parted ways with WWE after asking to be released from her contract three weeks ago.

She wrote, “This was it! 3 weeks ago I asked to be released from my WWE contract. Today was my last day. Sure enjoyed it!! More on the horizon for me.”

Stiles also revealed she is dating Cody Rhodes.

“And…now that I no longer work here I’m glad to finally not “hint” and say that I am 100% Cody’s girl :-).”

After being a successful model for a few years, Stiles wanted to get back to athletics and found herself at WWE’s development facility, Florida Championship Wrestling in March, where she began training to become a WWE Diva. Stiles, however, was made the ring announcer for WWE Superstars.

  • venom

    Who is this announcer?

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Punk gets WAY more Diva ass than Cody. And I love the guy, but fuck you Punk! *jealous* :p

  • d93andr5


  • BlaH

    His pops got soul, the Bill Clinton kinda soul.
    And Cody likes black chicks.

    Dats what I’m talking about daddy!!!
    ~in Dusty’s voice~

  • blue4everd

    I thought Cody was homo….:/ maybe I was hoping for it? Idk 🙁 </3

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Cody gets more wwe diva ass than anybody ivee ever heard. Beth, layla an now this chick. all n the same company. Hee really must have some serious game to go with that slight american drean lisp. As far as i can tell, all of them are sexy, have an ass an for some reason dont mind that hes smashin a new chick on the road every few months. Punk had Lita an JoMo had Melina but Cody gets whoever he wants. Now thats pricelessly dashing

  • I call Dibs on LAYLA : )

  • Albert

    OMG for a second i thought it was Lillian, i was like she just came back lol but then i clicked on the post and it was this chick that no one really cares for 🙂

  • kevin

    Cody is one hot piece of ass himself.. I havent had a wrestler crush since the young randy orton.. I’d suck his dick for sure.. lucky hoes in wwe getting all the hot cock

  • MJ

    Its offical Cody loves black women #MakeItAWin! Good job cody!!!

  • thought cody was with Layla?

  • Sean Mooney

    I thought Punk outed Cody on NXT on announcing one time when he said, “A little known fact about Cody Rhodes, he and the first ever Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson have a lot in common”, I think it was Matthews that goes, “What is that?”, Punk responds, “Use your imagination”.

    Some of my favorites, “I think Cole is out corresponding a war right now”, “Americans have arm bars too, it doesn’t have to be Japanese”, “VINTAGE AKSANA!” Damn, I miss Punk’s short-lived announcing career.

  • Prince

    So Cody is hitting that? Nice!

  • snake

    cody likes the sistas