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Ring of Honor Stops Three Wrestlers from Signing with WWE

– As noted before, WWE has interest in Ring of Honor tag team Jay and Mark Briscoe. The two have been blocked from signing with WWE by Ring of Honor, due to ROH enforcing their contracts.

Ring of Honor officials have also blocked wrestler Adam Cole from signing with WWE.

There is said to be discontent in the ROH locker room due to frustration with booker Jim Cornette and other issues that have to do with contracts and their limitations when it comes to doing work on the independents. Another source claims those rumors of discontent are untrue.

Source: PWTorch

  • Jason

    In 2002 yes WWE still drew big but the last time they went there in 2009 they only drew 5000 people vs. TNA’s 9000 people. BTW all wrestling promotions give out free tickets, it’s how this business runs.

  • CC

    Jason, you talk out of your arse a lot.
    I am from the UK and have been to both WWE and TNA shows (the most recent being the god awful tv tapings a few weeks ago), and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that TNA does not draw more in London than WWE, so if you are talking about another venue, thats only giving part of the facts.
    I have seen WWE at Wembley arena and at the O2, and never has there been sections of the seating tarped off … there certainly was some at the recent TNA show though.

    Yes it draws big numbers here, but thats because we only get to see WWE and TNA once or twice a year, but no matter what you say, it does not do more ticket sales (hell, I wonder how many other people were there like me and my mate with free tickets?)

  • JIR


  • Jason

    How did I bash WWE. All I said was that WWE is not the be all and end all of this business. Not much of a bash but more of a reality check.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Oh great, now Jason is bashing WWE in the WWE articles.

  • Ironcross

    Nothing stopping WWE from paying out their pennys comtract hahahaha

  • Jason

    Well of course, WWE has had 67 years to build there brand. TNA has had just under 10 years.

  • voice of reason

    a contract is a contract if roh wants to enforce said contract then they have the right to protect their brand & talent.

    now to the second point here the wwe has branded their name well when you mention professional wrestling people usually think of the wwe when you mention tna people often say “who are they” the wwe would draw a higher viewership following as opposed to tna, here in australia raw & smackdown are quite easy to find on the tv as for tna i just gave up looking for the show.

  • Chris

    Yes sadly it has Hofgen. I met him at one of there house shows not long ago. I called him out on his shit and he did nothing but he admitted he was the same Jason. Still don’t like him though

  • Hofgen

    Has it ever been proven that Jason actually works for TNA?

  • Jason

    Steve 2 million viewers is dismal? lol okay

    And yes that is what I mean, pro wrestling fans in the states are great but most of them are dumb as a box of nails. Bischoff says this on face book and so do I. There is a reason why we draw more then WWE in most wrestling markets outside of America.

  • Jason

    No they don’t XXFindleyXX, Both Paul London and Brian Kendrick while under contract with WWE made 55,000 a year with having to pay for there travel and hotel fee. Keep in mind that this was while both men where tag team champions for a full year and being mid cards. Stevie Richards who is a great friend of mine made just under 35,000 a year as an undercard wrestler for WWE.

    I make $40,000 a year and have my travel paid for in full.

    BTW One wrestler was on food stamps and he was not a contracted wrestler via in Jesse Neal. Which is why he was able to just leave when ever he wanted to. There are only about 30 wrestlers that have contracts in TNA to begin with.

  • The Dashing One

    Who cares what they are listed as at the end of the day they still outdraw and make way more money then TNA. And the reason she commands so much is because of the WWE. Just look at the talent that either leave or get released they command top dollar to do indy’s because of their name value. And if trolling on this site counts as PR or promotion then you should have been fired with Vince Russo cause from what you post, it seems your are damaging your product rather then help it. And I may not know the business but its the fans who help the business not you uptight douchebags who think they know what professional wrestling fans like!

  • Rassler


  • Stevie P

    Jason, I’m surprised that you made some mistakes in your posts if you do “PR and promotion” for TNA. You can’t have 3 PS’s in your posts. It’s PS, PPS and then PPPS.

    Another thing, saying “Outside of the US where people tend to have higher IQ’s” implies that the people here in the US are stupid, which is probably not the same message you’d want to give potential audiences to your product. I’m assuming that you want to attract more US fans as your ratings are pretty dismal. Calling us potential viewers stupid is not good PR which probably means you really don’t do that or if you do, you suck at it.

  • Jason

    PS: If WWE is a wrestling company now days then why does the number one money info mag via Forbes list them as a travling entertainment company with more info on there films then anything else?

    TNA is listed under forbes and we are listed as a wrestling entertainment company. Why not WWE if they are the be all end all in pro wrestling?

  • Jason

    Dashing one you just don’t understand how this business really works. Go back to being just a mark and stop acting like you understand anything of what goes on in this business.

    PS: I make more then most of the WWE mid card and undercard and I just do PR and promotion. Gail KIm makes more now in TNA then what she ever did in WWE and that is a fact. I could name about 20 other stars that I could say the same thing about.

    PS: In regards to wrestling on bigger stages, when we were in the UK we out drew WWE in the same venue by over 2000 fans. The same as when we went to South Africa and Mexico. WWE is only the be all end all in the WWE marks minds in the US. Outside of the US where people tend to have higher IQ’s WWE means very little.

  • scooter

    and yet roh think kyle o’reilly was the talent in futureshock!

  • The Dashing One

    In the words of the Miz, Really, Really, Really? How is the WWE is not the be all end all. you have the chance to make way more money and the chance to be seen by a bigger crowd and you get to travel the world. Trust me i would rather be in the WWE traveling the world and make way more than I could in TNA. The only way you make a decent amount of money is if you have either been a star in WCW or the WWE. Just get over yourself douche the WWE are the New York Yankees and TNA are the Baltimore Orioles. Now Im glad they will at least be in ROH till their contract is up cause I enjoy watching those three!

  • Jason

    WWE is not the be all and end all in wrestling anymore. It’s not even listed as a wrestling company anymore under forbes for the love of god. lol

  • Second City Saints

    if the briscoes and cole came to wwe they would have to change their name if i was them id stay at ROH were you can stay a tag team and not be broken up

  • Stevie P

    If it didn’t work out for these guys in WWE, would they wanna come back after something like this? I sure wouldn’t. Sorry ROH, as much as I respect you, the WWE is the big time atm and you really should let them go. Let them live to their full potential.

  • Bawb

    I don’t think anyone has been thoroughly able to prove themselves of recent times in WWE since leaving ROH. I’m sure they proved themselves more in ROH because their style is much different and much more flexible. Oh, and they’re all about wrestling.

  • 1919dpg

    losing the 3 would be a huge blow to roh’s roster.

  • JIR

    Understanding that a contract is in place and valid WWE would have to buyout the contract and ROH still has the right to say no. I wouldn’t want to lose great talent like the Briscoes and Adam Cole. However I would still want them to make it to the WWE just so they can prove themselves on the biggest stage