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Road Dogg & Billy Gun Talk DX Returning to Raw, WWE ’12 DLC

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– WWE spoke with Road Dogg & Billy Gunn about their return last night on the 1000th episode of Raw for their DX reunion. The Outlaws said that they never imagined that the night would happen, and that the appearance was “electric.”

  • Wellsy

    Loved the HHH jab at them all losing their hair! So true (although can’t account for X-Pac, but I assume the bandanna was there for a reason!).

  • yofits

    Billy Gunn = ratings

  • DX 4 life

    The best part of the story really is that Road dogg and Billy gunn are both now sober and have found peace! The Outlaws are still entertaining as and could easily have another run even if it was shirt term.

  • King


    they have made up a long time ago. its enchant history

  • Bawb

    Loved the appearance. Road Dogg and X-Pac looked very out of shape, but I loved seeing them together. I also could not stop thinking about how they made up behind the scenes, Outlaws and HHH/HBK, since we all remember the shit Gunn and Dogg said about them back in ’06.

  • bluey

    Seeing the outlaws again was the best