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Road Dogg Comments on CM Punk Leaving WWE, The Miz and Damien Sandow Talk Network

– In the video below, The Miz and Damien Sandow talk about what they’re looking forward to on the WWE Network:

– Road Dogg tweeted about CM Punk leaving WWE:

“Hogan left, Rock left, Austin left, HBK left…. Theses were huge stars! Superstars come and go, the show must go on! U wait on the future”

“Don’t overthink my last tweet. Human emotions are involved and they’re always unpredictable. We should all be able to understand that.”

  • D2K

    I agree with Sandow on Piper/Adonis. That was one of those matches that you knew was not going to go long and was strictly for the benefit of hyping up the crowd. It had a decent build up too with the competing shows of The Flower Shop vs Piper’s Pit. Then when Piper leaving (to go film John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’) you had the “retirement” angle woven in there. Very well done.

    *Thinking out loud*

    I wonder if WWE is planning something similar with CM Punk. Hmmmm……