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Road Dogg Comments on Returning to RAW, New Dreamer TV Episode, KOTR

– Below is episode #8 of The Tommy Dreamer TV with ECW Original CW Anderson:

– WWE’s King of the Ring DVD officially hits stores today.

– BG James wrote the following on Twitter last night after returning to RAW:

“It sure felt good to be out there again. These last two days have been awesome for the dogglb. #ohyoudidntknow

I wish @RealBillyGunn was on this ride with me. We have been through a lot together and it would be cool to be sharing this with him. #OUDK”

  • Nicholas G

    @ sexylilsophie what in the world are you talking about. Are you saying just because he is back in the WWE that we don’t think he is wash up. I still say he is washed up he is not there even to wrestle anymore. It was just one time thing that was it. I am guesting you come up with those comment because Road Dogg is not in TNA anymore right. Well that is a good thing for TNA an it just shows they have build up there own talent. Because those ex WWE guys they have right at the end of the day may end up back in the WWE. It just shows TNA they better start pushing and building there own talent the one who been in TNA from the beginning. It is funny you talk about kids an stuff and come on the computer talking like one.

  • sexylilsophie

    its funny how everyone marks out for the road dogg…..yet in tna you all called him a washed up hasbeen……you kids these days dont know shit but a few bumps what talent is….cm punk aint shit either is cena yet you mark out for them i woder if they were in tna you would all be like hes ols hes ols…

  • Tyler(:

    I normally find PinkSinCara’s jokes unfunny, that one was cool.

  • renz

    god dreamers show is pathetic! he tries to be charismatic and funny but instead he faails badly

  • PinkSinCara

    Billy Gunn was probably too busy screaming and cursing at his girlfriend over the phone

  • Nicholas G

    It just shows me what I been saying about HHH all along. He is the most misunderstood icons in wrestling. I mean guys like Road Dogg been talking trash about HHH since he left the WWE. An at the end of the day HHH brings his old friends back time and time again an help them out when the needs it the most. I tell you if HHH is that bad why does he keep bring his old friends back. HHH just don’t take anything that is said bad about him personally like some people would do. It is why I said HHH understand it is a business and it all about making money.

    Hey not saying HHH is perfect because nobody is perfect. Just saying he is not a bad as the haters may want to think. I feel some times the haters are more worst then HHH. Because the haters can’t let anything go. But than again without HHH haters HHH would not matter as much as he does. Just like Cena without the haters he would not matter. It is why both guys are such a huge success it is just the haters don’t see that they are helping HHH and Cena career rather then hurting it.

    In closing was surprise has heck to see Road Dogg back. It just tell me that HHH is not a bad as the haters may want to believe. Then again if it wasn’t for the haters HHH would not be as big as he is today. Not saying HHH is perfect just saying he is not as bad as people may want to believe. I look at want he does in front of the TV don’t care what happens backstage.

  • Mojojojo

    Oh the power of the almighty dollar. For years Road Dogg swore that he hated WWE, hated Triple H, and would never return. In the words of the million dollar man, everybody’s got a price.

  • sandman

    DX reunion needs to have jason sensation

  • Wellsy

    A full DX reunion would surely include Chyna as well?

    And if you want to get really pedantic… Tori, Stephanie and the corpe of Ravishing Rick Rude.

  • whipwreck

    FULL DX reunion.?!?! Hbk hhh dogg gunn xpac OHHH YEAH