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Road Warrior Animal Compares Vince & Bischoff, Talks John Laurinaitis & More

– WWE Hall of Famer Joe “Road Warrior Animal” Laurinaitis spoke with the folks at Wrestling 101 this week. Here are some highlights:

The Road Warriors were involved in great eras of tag team wrestling with yourselves, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Midnight Express, The Outsiders, Harlem Heat, The Steiner’s, The New Age Outlaws, The Nasty boys and Team 3D etc. What do you make of the state of tag team wrestling today in TNA and WWE?

To be honest with you there are no tag team divisions. I say that with respect to the guys, it has nothing to do with new wrestlers coming up or anything else, its just that we’re in a new business. With things like the Internet, Twitter and Facebook you have to be the guy now, you don’t have time to learn and it’s not the guys fault they just don’t have the luxury of time on their side.

If I had anything to do with either WWE or TNA I would definitely put an emphasis on tag team wrestling. The Road Warriors proved in an era when the wrestling business was at it’s lowest tag team wrestling can be the main event, we sold out venues in the NWA and we did the same for the WWF at the time.

It’s proof tag team wrestling can headline and be the main event if it’s done right. You can’t just throw two people together, the fans like to believe in a family dynamic like the Road Warriors or The Steiners or Harlem Heat, they don’t just want to see guy A and guy B thrown together to form a tag team.

Having worked for both Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon, how would you compare the two in terms of similarities and differences?

They’re both narcissist’s and they both have huge egos, I think Vince was more straight up and Eric was more devious. That was the nature of the time back then and that is what the times called for and the business called for.

Vince impressed me by getting in the ring and dong all of those battles with Stone Cold Steve Austin, he put his body on the line and he became one of the guys as well as a boss.

I found it a lot smoother working for the WWF at the time than it was working for WCW.

What are you making of your brother John’s current role in the WWE as GM of Raw and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations?

When you see John on TV that is him being his natural self, which is making that whole story-line as popular as it is, you may not agree with his methodology, but he is doing what he thinks is right, and he is going to do it despite of what anyone else thinks, but he’s in a no win situation. As well as being on television he also has a company to run, he is an employee too and he has a hundred employees under him. I wouldn’t want to have his job for anything in the world.

Could we see you return in one form or another to television with either WWE or TNA?

Earlier this year I was asked if I wanted to compete in this years Royal Rumble but I didn’t do it because they just didn’t give me enough notice, they called me like two days before and asked if I wanted to do the Royal Rumble and I said they could have at least given me a months notice.

I’m in good enough shape to do it and if wanted to wrestle I could but since Hawk passed away every year that goes by it gets harder and harder for me to even want to do it. I still do personal appearances and charity events around the country for my fans.

In the future I would love to do anything the WWE wanted me to do, they’re doing this big deal with the SmackDown GM against the Raw GM and what a great angle it would be to have me come in as the SmackDown GM and go against my brother as the Raw GM and have a battle between the two companies.

The full interview can be read here.

  • Diesel


    Exactly! See this is the one MAJOR issue I will always have with Vince, every time you have teams that start to do well or the division starts to become serious he feels the need to break them up for no reason so you’d have one that might get a semi push and you’d have the other getting released or jobbing.

  • Devil_Rising

    The sad truth about tag team wrestling, at least with WWE, is that over the last many years, they’ve HAD a ton of great tag-teams, they just don’t keep them together long enough for it to matter. A great tag-team should be together for YEARS, not MONTHS. End of story.

    Los Guerreros. TWGTT. The Colons. Cade & Murdoch. The Mexicools. London & Kendrick. Cryme Tyme. The Highlanders. 3 Minute Warning. The F.B.I. The Hart Dynasty. Etc. etc.

    They’ve had PLENTY of teams. But most times, they’re split up after being together for less than a year.

  • Gorilla

    I used to be a fan of animal till I found out who his brother was ….and Vince and Eric got big egos lol to bad nobody gives a fuck lol these guys omg lol. Take em down 17th street in my area and see how big there egos are lol now cena I’m going for but its all a work

  • Bill

    Animal’s dead on with the “family” tag teams. I mean, Air Boom? They just teamed up in a match on Raw, then won the titles. It looks like they’re doing the same with Kofi & Truth. Bring The KOW to TV as a team! That’s be awesome & help with the division!

  • poko

    Someone needs to print Animal’s words about tag team wrestling on Vince McMahon’s forehead. It’s the absolute truth. Any long time fan can tell you have tag teams can be a big draw, as long as we are sold on them as actual teams, and not just a place to stick mid-card wrestlers with no push. We used to see the tag team main event right before the world title main event, and it was every bit as popular with the fans.

  • Diesel

    I actually wouldn’t mind Animal as Smackdown GM. I mean I like Teddy don’t get me wrong, but the guys outstayed his welcome. The other way they could do it is they could reveal Animal to be the “anonymous” GM, and set up some sort of storyline between him & his brother.