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Road Warrior Animal Says Sting Isn’t An Icon Unless He Passes Through WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal, who hosts Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio on 100.3 KFAN in Minneapolis, Minnesota, stated during a recent show that he doesn’t think Sting is a wrestling icon until he passes through WWE.

“Sting is not in the same league as guys like Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock. Sting will never be considered a legend or icon until he lets his pride go and joins WWE. He needs to bury his personal issues and just get into the WWE. Sting has to come over to the WWE to be that guy, it’s a bigger stage. Impact is one thing, the WWE is a way bigger thing,” Animal said.

Animal also takes credit for Sting’s arrival to the National Wrestling Alliance in 1987.

“The NWA was looking for a spot for Sting and I said make him a brother in paint and then Sting joined us (Road Warriors) in our six-man matches,” he said.

On the best singles worker of all time, Animal said, “Easily, (Ric) Flair!”

His show can be accessed here.

  • b c Mitchell

    He’s the franchise guy of a dead franchise. I think everyone loves Sting and thinks so highly because he represents the golden era for a lot of folks. Not because he was the best part of it but because we want to believe he didn’t tarnish himself by going to WWE. He’s pro wrestlings Dan Marino. Lots of records & wins. But lets be honest he never went to the big game and got the job done. And for those who want to talk about Sting helping carry WCW during the 90s. Fact is he didn’t do anything for a year but stare and point. As soon as he started talking and fighting again everything including the ratings fell flat. Best thing he ever did apparently was shut up and stop wrestling.

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

    To a certain extent, Animal is right.. because if it wasn’t for WCW back in the glory days. he was in great expose during the early 90’s, so he was recognizable all over the US. perhaps the world.

    But now on Impact, his years are almost over, but if he turns to WWE he could be established as a True Icon..

    for one i would love to see him face Undertaker in his last wrestlemania match.

  • Luke

    Road warrior is Correct to an extent, sting will be remembered as a wcw and tna icon but not a wrestling icon. Wcw nearly beating wwe, the only reason they went up was because Bischof struck gold with the nWo and they stole all wwe wrestlers. And why should sting and DVD come in and wrestle part time what have they done to the company to deserve that privilege. I admit I am a WCW fan however they were light years apart from the Wwe. As far as wwe nearly going out of business. Dont believe that garbage. They would have just had to cut some costs and move on a few wrestlers. There management structure will always prevent them from going out of business. But as much as I enjoyed wcw, it was never in the same league. In terms of class professionalism

  • The Dashing One

    @ray are u serious bro? Sting carried WCW along with the NWO when WCW was kicking WWF/E ass in the ratings. Animal is just being a butt licking douchebag because of the way they were treated in WCW. You cant tell me that it kills Vince to know that the one wrestler he has wanted so bad turned him down numerous of times. And yes I know he almost went last year but in the end he did not. Sting is and will always be The Icon. Just like Hogan and Austin will always be the franchise players of the WWF/E, Sting is and always will be WCW’s franchise player!

  • Ray

    Sting is nowhere near the level of Austin. Or The Rock. Or Undertaker. Or HBK.

  • b c Mitchell

    Sting is a surefire hall of famer, to quote JR. But there is a difference between being a legend and being an icon as far as I’m concerned. An icon to me is above being a legend. Icons are the true greatest of the greats. The fact is that while Sting does not need WWE to validate his career there is a big hole on his resume without it. It would be one thing if Vince had never showed interest but it has always been Sting turning it down. I’ve no problem with his choice to say no. I commend him for standing his ground and staying loyal but it leaves a big question mark as to why. I don’t buy that shit about WWE “burying” former WCW talent argument. I can name you more guys who succeeded in WWE than those who didn’t. And the majority of the ones who didn’t sucked in the first place. Bottom line is without going to WWE ,fail or not, Sting never tried himself on the biggest stage of all. And that will always keep him from being a true Icon. Legend? Yes. Hall of Fame worthy? No doubt about it. Icon? Not quite

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t already been said in the past 30 comments, but Animal is a douchebag. I loved L.O.D. as a little kid about 20 years ago, but since Hawk died, this guy has been kissing WWE’s ass because his brother works there, and he keeps hoping to land a job as an agent. But it’s obvious the WWE doesn’t give a fuck what he wants, nor does his brother. Animal’s towing the company line for a company he HOPES to (and won’t) work for. I loved WWE, back in the day I watched both WCW and WWF, and WWF was my #1. Even now, I prefer it over TNA, but I still like and watch TNA. Because no matter what company it is, it’s WRESTLING. And I’m a wrestling fan.

    But like others have said, WWE is the place to be, but it does not define wrestling and its great history. Vince just wants you to think that because he bought out everyone and has the greatest and largest video library. Sting should work a WrestleMania before he retires, but he doesn’t need to. As a fan, yeah we’d all love to see it. Or Sting vs. Taker, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t tarnish Sting’s legacy whatsoever. I’m a huge Triple H fan, always have been, but he is by no means a bigger star than Sting. Not now, not ever. That’s just Animal tickling WWE’s balls. Sting is an icon, bottom line. WWE or no WWE.

  • joseph

    sting is in the top 10 of all time in my book but if he goes into the wwe hall of fame then the whole thing just goes really cheap stings a legend but he’s never competed in wwe so there is no reason why he should go into the hall of fame with guys like steve austin, shawn michaels and future hall famers like taker and the rock who spent years in the wwe if it was a wrestling hall of fame then sting should defo go in but it’s not

  • poko

    This idea that Sting’s career will only be relevant if he works a Wrestlemania is lunacy. If that’s what’s important to some of you, if the WWE is such a vital part of wrestling for you that a wrestler can ONLY be validated if he shows up at the promotion you hold so dear, then I can’t help but have a bit of pity for you.

    I grew up watching the Four Horsemen; you know, the guys about to be inducted into the WWE’s version of the Hall of Fame. They didn’t need the WWE to considered great, and neither does Sting. Pull your head out of the WWE’s nether-parts and gets some perspective. The WWE does not define wrestling. It has been a PART of wrestling history, NOT the entirety of it.

  • Soulshroude

    Animal is doing a bad job at jobbing Sting. If Sting really wanted to work for Vince and his cronies, he would have a long while back. Sting is an Icon because he gets the job done, and not where he works. Get that through your head!! Animal is doing a fine job at ass kissing.

  • Jason L

    Animal does have a point to a degree.

    Hate to remind everyone but Taker & Austin were from NWA/WCW and look what happened to them. I think JJ (Dillon) said that Vince doesn’t really like not “creating” his own talent (I.E. the Taker character, The Ringmaster & Stone Cold characters). Some you just cant ignore like Flair but still I wish BOTH Sting & Vince could work something out so that Sting could grace a WWE ring (and not get buried) even if it’s for a short term contract.

  • b c Mitchell

    Sting wasn’t the only reason for WCWs hugh ratings. That was mostly due to the NwO and cruisers. Sting is a legend most definitely but in the Wrestlemania era if you didn’t at least attempt a run in WWF/E then you didn’t compete on the grandest stage against the absolute best. You may not like it but its true. Sting will forever be that guy who for whatever reason didn’t take the next step so to speak. And anyone who seriously thinks that Sting is a bigger icon than Austin is just plain wrong. Austin has sold more merchandise, tickets, and garnered higher ratings than anyone in the business ever. Was Sting a better wrestler? Maybe, but a bigger star? No.

  • HHH=Goat

    Sting is shit. haha losers. just because wcw beat wwf in ratings for over 18 months dont mean shit now. all the little jimmies think he is a fuckin loser he will be remembered as the old crazy retard in tna. sting is just a scared little boy inside, if i met him i’d break his jaw

  • poko

    I don’t agree with Animal about this. It’s like saying that Ric Flair wouldn’t have been a legend if he hadn’t come to the WWE. Does anyone actually believe that?

    I’m guessing most of the people who think the WWE is the only wrestling organization that has ever mattered are the ones who grew up with it, and know very little else. Sting HAS been in the big leagues before, and he was extremely popular.

  • heyfit

    sting needs to be on NXT redemption and feud with SHOWTIME percy watson to boost the ratings.

  • grizz

    Sting does not need the WWE, the WWE needs Sting.

  • Stone Cold Truth

    ^ Tell me you didn’t just say that!

  • PIG

    Sorry for some but Sting is bigger than Stone Cold. I know Stone Cold is popular for all the little kiddies of the day. Stone Cold was only on the high stage of WWE because he was allowed to cuss and flip you off. Sting played on the big time stage for a lot longer time (still going) and without the cussing and foul gimmicks of Stone Cold. Steve never made it big in WCW. He played a bit part in the Von Ericks territory and UWF. It wasnt till he was allowed to act like a foul mouth redneck that he got popular.

    Sting has NOTHING to prove.

  • l

    And who the hell does road warrior animal think he is???i mean really the guy was never a world champion in any fed he wrestled in…so how can he rightfully say that about anybody?

  • chronoxiong

    I don’t agree with Animal. Sting has made the right decisions for not joining the WWE. Who knows how he would be treated if he came here. He might be treated like Ric Flair or become a stalker like DDP.

  • Jimbo


    I’m sorry but Sting is arguably greater than HHH and The Rock (and I love both of those guys) and probably on the same level as Stone Cold as far as being an icon. Being in WWE has nothing to do with being an icon.

  • scooter

    yeah I guess antonio Inoki isn’t a legend either then 😉

  • JayHawk

    CC is right animal is way off sting with the NWA and WCW was part of some of the biggest matches and story lines in wrestling. The days were u were nothing unless u were at this territory or this one is over. Now it is just by promotion. His matches with flair, vader the great mutant were awesome. And the crow gimmick that her did for about a year and a half was what put wcw on top of the wee during the Monday night wars. Sting is a Icon and and the wwe will probably put him in the hall of fame. Look how they put awa guys in the hall and some of them are legends that never worked for Vince. Yes nowt want to see taker vs sting but if it doesn’t happen he will still go down as one of the greatest of all time.

  • CC

    @Pissed Off Fan =(, sorry, but it has everything to do with schedule.
    WWE will allow the likes of HBK, HHH and Undertaker have part time schedules because of how long they will be with the company, but they will not allow someone to come in from outside and have the same deal.
    This is why RVDs negotiations fell through last year, and its the reason Stings negotiations fell through as well.

    Yes for years he never signed with them due to personal issues, but even he said last year that he would go to WWE before his career ends if he can get a schedule that suits him.

  • CM Mark

    Shut up Animal.

  • CC

    @Ray, you are completely wrong. Being an icon has nothing to do with being in WWE, its how the fans view you.
    The simple fact that he is as big a name as he is without being in WWE shows just how big WCW was back in the day. Hell, they nearly drove WWE out of business.
    Just because WWE is the only topline federation in the world these days, doesnt mean that they are the be all and end all in the history of the business.
    Legends are legends, and icons are icons regardless of where they wrestle.

  • Nicholas

    I think Pride has play a big part in Sting not coming to the Wwe that I will agree with. But not going to sit here knock him for not coming. Because to me he never left WCW because that is what TNA really is just under a new name. You just look at TNA an how it is run an it is like WCW all over again and Ecw. An that who there fans are to me. A bunch of bitter Wcw and Ecw that still can’t see how Wwe beat them but that story for another day.

    To me the ship has sail a long time ago on Sting not coming to the Wwe will never understand it either. I mean even the great Ric Flair had told in many interview if Sting came to Wwe in his prime he would have been bigger then Hogan and who am I to disagree. I still see Sting in the Hall of Fame. But as far as him wrestling in the Wwe not happening and that is ok by me.

  • CJ

    I respect Animal, and while the Road Warriors are my favorite team ever, he is wrong. Sting has been an icon, the flagship, just as someone mentioned, WCW at a point was bigger than WWF/WWE, for 2 years WWF’s ratings did not ever equal or exceed WCW’s and Sting was the main protaganist. So how could that be seen as a big fish in a little pond, WCW’s pond was the bigger for a while, so Sting was performing on the biggest stage in pro wrestling. Though I would have like to have seen Sting join WWE for a brief run, it is a fact that Vince does not invest as much in non WWE creations, he always seems to make his WWE wrestlers seem superior, i could name examples, but that would take a while. When they had that WCW alliance crap look how the majority of them got buried. I actually think at this point there is nothing for Sting to prove he has done it all. Multi time NWA, WCW and TNA champions, there is no need for him now to go to WWE only to job to the Undertaker, no point.

  • Ray

    Sorry CC, but he’s actually very, very right. If Sting doesn’t join the WWE? He will go down as the biggest fish to never sign with the WWE. But he will not go down as one of the biggest fish of all time. That’s how it works. Saying he will is like saying that a football team will be forever remembered for always making the playoffs but never going all the way to the Superbowl. Suck up your pride and get it done, Stinger. You ain’t got much time left.

  • gg

    Chris Jericho and Booker T seem to be getting great treatment as former wcw employees.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


    Sting has said in the pass that the only reason he doesn’t want to join WWE is becuase how they treat WCW talent there. You can easily tell that origianl WWE/F guys have it way better then original WCW guys who came over. Now, Sting was reported to be near a deal last year to come to the WWE. It has nothing to do with his scheduale because Sting is older so wouldn’t be in as much as John Cena for example but who have his share of TV time. If he joins once his current TNA contract is up and WWE gives him another offer, I wouldnt be surprise to see him close his wrestling career with the BIG E and even see Undertaker vs Sting at Mania

  • Hbk fan

    At one time sting was bigger than anyone every friend I had who doesn’t watch wrestling knows who sting is I always get u know the guy who looks like the crow

  • CC

    Sorry Animal, but you are wrong. You do not have to have been a part of WWE to be an icon. WCW during its heyday was as big as, or bigger than WWF, so he has been in the same league as the guys you mention.
    Plus, my understanding of the reason he hasnt been with WWE in recent years has nothing to do with personal issues and more a case of the schedule he wants to work.
    If he had got a part time schedule, he would have signed last year.
    Its nothing to do with issues with WWE or Vince.