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Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Jim Ross Comment on Brock Lesnar’s Loss

– Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and Jim Ross have commented on Brock Lesnar’s loss at UFC 141 and retirement from MMA.

Chris Jericho: “So obvious the 1/2-02 mystery man is Brock Lesnar. That fight was a joke #ufcisfixed @speewee #memphis”

Rob Van Dam: “Looks like we’ll soon see a familiar face in the WWE.”

Jim Ross: “I did NOT see UFC. At OU game. Sad but proud of Brock. He’s always gonna be one of my guys. A warrior.”

“Lesnar fighting after his illness is remarkable. What guts that took.”

  • Dante Gabriel

    It’s been confirmed on multiple insider sites that Brodus Clay is the mystery man.

  • Nick

    how did jerchio know it was a mystery MAN? hmmm..

  • Nicholas

    You know still feel it is Undertaker4 in those promos my money is on Taker.

    Now on Brock got give the devil his due. But both Brock an Dana White used each other. What I mean with all due respect to UFC. Brock Lesner was the best thing that ever happen but it was never going to last. Why because Brock is
    not MMA he is a Pro wrestler. Yeah he won the Heavyweight title but why was he given the shot so soon. I mean there were better more experinse fighters like last night. An Brock Lasner brought these guys to UFC that is how White used Brock Lesner. An Brock Lasner he made a lot of money along the way.

    Now will come back to the WWE not this year Wrestlmania. An if Taker streak ends is there any point because it might happen. I will just wait and see if Brock is coming backk. I really believe WWE needs to stick with pushing the young guys and forget about guys like Lasner. WWE needs to keep pushing foward like they have been.

  • luckysalt

    At Bawb

    Brock didn’t have potential, he was the real deal, he had everything.
    The angle siding him with Vince killed him, it wasn’t him
    He had great matches though with most of the roster
    His hell in a cell match with Taker was fucking awesome.

    He just got burnt out in WWE, and I can’t blame him, it was shit when he made up his mind he wanted out

  • Stashathan

    Hah jericho what a joke rotflmao

  • Devil_Rising

    I would much rather see Lesnar vs. Taker, than HHH vs. Taker part 3.

    Having said that, there is no guarantee Lesnar would even come wrestle again. The dude has such a big ego, even to just do one WM match, he’d probably demand a ludicrous paycheck.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @Generic Troll

    True true. They wont really do much more cause of Rock vs Cena. But I still wouldnt be surprised if Lesnar does come back, at least part time, for a small run agian

  • Monty

    To The Buthers son (1st comment) – Lesnar vs Undertaker has been talked about since Lesnar lost his previous fight. Where have you been?

  • Generic Troll

    @Pissed off fan, you realise mania will be full pirely on rocky cena? Hence a punk austin match is happening next year instead of on the same card, brock wont be back for a while, wouldnt be surprised if batista beat him back..

  • This is how I see it Brock had 2 major surgeries in 2 years from a illness he should of died from so he did really well just to come back, he has not looked the same the last 2 years he ain’t in the same shape and don’t look like that powerhouse we all know. Obviously the rumours about wrestlemania are spreading like wild fire now but look at it this way back in 2002 Brock was huge and obviously on roids but he looked amazing and was a amazing athlete doing some great things ie throwing big show about….. Now if he comes back to wwe for him to get back into that shape won’t that effect his stomach issues??? Will he be alowed steroids ect… Also his image can’t be the next big thing he failed at NFL he want amazing in UFC but made a impact and has being purely unlucky with his stomach illness so where would it leave him in wwe? I love Brock but he is not the new machine anymore and in reality he has being hurt inside that cage! Ken shamrock pulled it off but UFC want that big back then but now UFC & Wwe are huge and everybody knows the real and fake Brock lesnar

  • Bawb

    Brock, I hope, still has that natural arrogant swagger he had 9-10 years ago. I enjoyed his second half in the WWE. I think he’s the type of big man the WWE needs. He actually has personality. When he mocked Guerrero it was actually very funny (in a mean way! lol). Fuck that Mason Ryan, Bobby Lashley shit. Brock had potential.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Originally I wanted Taker vs Foley. Now I want Lesnar to end the steak!! Fuck HHH vs Taker, Vince Brock will bring in $$$ if they set up that match at Mania. Wrestlemania can make crazy $$$ with matches like Cena/Rock & Y2J/Punk & Taker/Lesnar!!!

  • Freakzilla

    If he does come back and faces Taker, I for one hope Taker potatoes him a few times. Goldberg can’t wrestle but what was Brocks excuse for that debacle at WM 20.

  • Ked Z Buans

    Hopefully, Sable will come back as well and have a leznar affair with Stephanie. Oh yes, big boobs are alive and well in the WWE!

  • JIR

    You can blame it all on me !
    Second City Saint come on man finish the lyric next time

  • Second City Saint

    Lesnar comeback !!!

  • TG

    Funny Jericho says this because in a sense the 2012 promos could apply to Lesnar.

  • Stevie P



    Jericho with the troll…again. Love that guy. RVD may not be too far off. Maybe not wrestling full time but maybe an enforcer in a stable would be good. He has a legends contract…

  • True money

    Lolololol @ Jericho

  • Joe

    Jim Ross had a really poor choice of words with that second line.

  • The Butchers’ Son

    I wasn’t totally convinced until just I saw his tweet but i am totally sold on chris jericho being the mystery man.If lesnar does come back he is coming back to fight Undertaker…you heard it hear first.