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Rob Van Dam Talks Differences Between WWE And TNA, Ryback Using Similar Gear

The Phoenix New Times is featuring an interview with TNA wrestler, Rob Van Dam. Here are a few notes from the interview.

RVD on the differences between wrestling for TNA and WWE: “In Total Nonstop Action, individual wrestlers have a lot more freedom to artistically express themselves versus WWE,” Van Dam explained. “When we have our matches, they are known to be more athletic, more competitive in nature, and that’s what wrestling fans really appreciate. And the fact there’s more of a focus on wrestling in Total Nonstop Action over the other major company on TV. Whereas WWE has been known to feature more of the 400-pound giants that aren’t necessarily going to [perform] quite as impressively. TNA focuses more on the wrestler’s abilities and skills and gives them a chance to shine out there in front of the fans.

“It’s also more of an up-close-and-personal experience where wrestlers are more accessible and there’s a lot of times spent on meeting the fans. And Bound For Glory will be no different and we’ll be there on October 14 with a big meet-and-greet. The day before that is also something called ‘TNA Fan InterAction,’ which all the top stars will be there as well. People can meet and talk to their wrestlers and get their photos taken with ’em.”

RVD on Ryback asking him for permission to use his airbrush artist: “Ryback reached out to me and asked for permission to use the same airbrush artist that I use, Joe Holland in Savannah, Georgia,” he said. “The guy’s been making me the same outfits since like 1995 and he doesn’t do a lot work for wrestlers. And I’m all for anyone that can make more business off of things they do for me. Ryback has my blessing [and] I’m flattered that he’s a fan of mine. He’s been very respectful in reaching out to me. I haven’t met the guy but have nothing but respect for him.”

  • Bill

    If RVD ever returned to the ‘E, I’d actually like to see him face Ryback. Sure, he’s a big guy, but he seems to perform well regardless.

  • poko

    RVD can still be awesome when he wants to be. Check out the ladder match with him and Roode from this year. Amazing match, and the guy is as tough as nails. Granted, he’s not the best weekly performer, but damn if he doesn’t show up for PPVs. But yeah, for a guy that has always, always been over with the crowd, his pushes always seemed to end early.

    Hard to argue about the WWE trying to feature the big/slow type, as well. Khali, Big Show, Tensai, Mason Ryan, Mark Henry–guys like Punk and Ziggler seem to have risen to the top despite what WWE management wants, not because of it.

  • JipC

    NIcholas you need help. RVD was one of the most over wrestlers in the history of the business. Was in 0 memorable WWE storylines and never had any real push and still always had some of the loudest pops every night. He was held back by stupid fucks that didnt “get” him. Dicks like Triple H and John Laurenitus held him back by saying “he doesnt connect with the people” . Yep thats why everyone pointed their thumbs and chanted RVD RVD RVD!! Oh yeah, dude was a god in the ring when he was in his prime

  • Nicholas

    RVD is one of the most overrated wrestler on the internet. I really never saw what was so big about RVD. To me RVD has always been just hype.

  • Hank

    I get the feeling RVD doesn’t have a clue what goes on in WWE. WWE hasn’t pushed 400 lbs giants in forever. Henry got one thank you reign, Tensai got dropped like a sack of potatoes and Big Show is the only one who’s regularly slotted on top. Other than that, it’s pretty much all the top in ring acts on top.

  • Logan

    Mr.420 is a class act and kudos to Ryback.