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Rob Van Dam Says He’s A Bigger Star Than TNA

Rob Van Dam participated in an interview with Stu Stone of MTV’s Blowin U and discussed his tenures with ECW and WWE. He also explained why he believes he is bigger than TNA.

“It’s different fun. When I was in ECW, all the major companies were jockeying for me and trying to sign me up. I was building my name up and at the same time i was using my momentum for the betterment of the company,” Van Dam said.

“Now I’m a bigger star than the company actually because TNA doesn’t have the name brand recognition yet.”

RVD made similar comments last August in the following blog post on his official website, which garnered a negative reaction in the locker room. It also prompted then-TNA talent Kevin Nash to lash out at RVD on Twitter.

“I’d imagine a lot of the old TNA guys are feeling like they’re taking a back seat. The thing is…you can’t argue with the numbers. Last week TNA broke new all-time records for ratings! TNA needed a change. The 6-sided ring and the great technical wrestlers -that nobody knew-wasn’t working. TNA brought in two rock stars, and look at the company now! Dixie often points out how hiring Jeff Hardy and RVD started a whole new era, why do some of the wrestlers not see it? Too, young, too green, too selfish to have the correct perspective. Whereas some of the TNA “stars” are lucky to get recognized walking around the studios, Jeff and myself live like actual celebrities, signing autographs and taking pictures EVERYWHERE we go. Without experiencing this, it’s probably hard to imagine. In fact, very few wrestlers stick out in people’s minds the way that Jeff and I do. WE love our fans and we love their love. TNA is blowing up. Good things will come our way and I see it all happening now.”

“This is a very exciting time. More people watching TNA means more people exposed to the other wrestlers on the card too…as long as they’re good enough to hang around with the rising standards.”

  • Nicholas G

    That maybe TNA biggest problem right now. RVD, Hogan, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle all feel there are bigger then TNA. In WWE that never happens an you don’t believe me ask yourself this why is it WWE has been able to move on while those guys has left WWE. Vince has always made it known that nobody was bigger then the WWE nobody. He had to prove it to Bret Hart the whole screw job in 1997 was Vince showing that not one person is bigger then the WWE. When Bret Hart left WWE his career went down hill. The same has happen to Kurt Angle since he been in TNA I feel that his career has gone down.

    Finally all this mean is TNA is very very weak an it there own dam fault. They should has build from with in. An make TNA bigger then the wrestle it is why WWE has been around for over 60 to 70 year an will be around long after TNA is gone. No one wrestler is bigger then the WWE.

  • erik

    hogan isn’t worth a dime anymore. I would say rvd name is bigger than tna because he has been in pro wrestling since 1996 since ecw days, then wwe no tna for 15 years in biz. so that is the truth more wrestling fans know rvd from his time in ecw and wwe than tna.

  • RVD was bigger than TNA, but then he decided to join the TNA roster. Now he’s practically irrelevant. Hulk Hogan is irrelevant. If John Cena went to TNA, he would be irrelevant in six months.

  • theviewtvshow

    he cant his brains are too fried

  • Sammy

    ok RVD – U really need to put the bong down for awhile

  • Jimbo


    Working for TNA, then stating that you are a bigger star than TNA is like announcing that you are the smartest kid with down syndrome.

  • Rucdogg

    RVD is an idiot

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s because Cena and Orton AREN’T bigger names than the WWE brand itself. Undertaker is. But then again, I suppose the argument is valid that the WWF MADE the Undertaker…or at least, they gave him the chance to make himself, on their show.

    But in TNA’s case, while it wasn’t the right thing to say, RVD IS a bigger name than TNA. So is Hogan. I don’t know about Jeff Hardy though. Nobody outside of regular wrestling fans really knows who the Hardy Boys were. But RVD has made a name for himself in and out of wrestling.

  • RCA

    While RVD may be right, that’s not something you say if you have the companys best interest in mind. You’ll never hear guys like Cena, Orton or Undertaker come out and say that. If I were a part of TNA management, i’d have fired him long ago. Let him manage on his own, see how big his star is on the unemployment line.

  • jd

    ive been saying this for weeks… Thumper! is an annoying prick… go away

  • In Grind We Crust

    well no fuck he’s bigger than TNA, he’s the whole fucking show!!!!

  • misfit del rio

    Guys maybe its time to retire “fail”, it was ok for a while but now that term had been used to death by ham n’ eggers every where. And while were at it also “fml” and “swagger”.

  • venom

    I admitt, I was following TNA when Hogan took over, but now it’s garbage. Even RVD agrees.

  • Dystre Fjell

    Indeed, RVD’s name is bigger than TNA, and his work deserves more than the second rate promotions that air on TV today.

  • Gary

    dude if u follow my posts u will notice i dont even watch wwe, so fail Shit Talk, try again…..Tell me how TNA’s name is bigger then RVD? Hell, RVD been around longer then TNA

  • Thumper!

    Oh man here come the WWE trolls.

  • Gary

    i understand where people might get pissed at RVD’s words, but it is the truth, RVD’s name ALONE has more fans then TNA EVER had!