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Roberts Talks Ring Announcing for 10 Years with WWE and a Tip from Stephanie McMahon

– WWE’s website has a new interview up with RAW ring announcer Justin Roberts, who celebrated 10 years as a ring announcer for WWE this past Monday. Here are some highlights:

Being a wrestling fan:
“It’s really cool have accomplished 10 years of ring announcing with WWE. I was a wrestling fan who lived for WWE. I didn’t watch any other sports; WWE was all I wanted to watch.”

Advice from Stephanie McMahon:
“When I started here, I had been listening to Howard Finkel. So when I previously announced at independent wrestling events, tough man contests, University of Arizona women’s softball games, basically anything I could announce … I was utilizing a bit of The Fink’s ‘cool announcer voice,’. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it.”

“One day, Stephanie McMahon came up to me and said not to go out there and be Howard, but to be me. I didn’t understand it at first, and then it hit me. I went back, watched some of my work, and thought, ‘That that isn’t my voice, that’s not how I sound.’ Once she said that to me, the light went on and I just became me. So every introduction that I do has its own flavor. I don’t go out and give the same introduction to everybody.”

  • Mamba

    Wha? Roberts has been there 10 years? I swear I’ve only been aware of him for like 3

  • mabry

    no one can match The Fink!!!

  • Bill

    I kinda did notice that he was trying to sound like Fink in his early days. He sounds much better today. Still, Fink rules.

  • josh

    Howard Finkel > Justin Roberts