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The Rock Advertised for Another Raw, WWE Superstars Matches

– The following WWE Superstars matches were taped at tonight’s Raw taping in Lafayette, Louisiana: Santino Marella vs. David Otunga and JTG vs. Brodus Clay.

– The Rock is being advertised for the February 18th episode of WWE Raw in Lafayette, Louisiana. The pre-sale password for this event is CHAMP.

As noted last week, The Rock is also scheduled for the January 28th episode of RAW in Las Vegas, which is the night after the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

  • misfit del rio

    At the jackass above ^^ here’s an idea, switch the channel dummy. It isn’t rocket science, if there’s something blaring in my screen and I don’t like it, I grab my remote and change it. Simple fix don’t you think?

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ DAN he’s a sell out because all he is doing is taking the spot of another younger talent that could’ve been built up to become a star. Not only that, when he comes in I’m sure he takes a whole boat load of money that could of gone to younger talent or could of gone to add better production to the show. If The Crock decided he wanted out back then, he should stay out for good instead of just coming in and taking the spot of young talent.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ Sam I also know that todays wrestling is so predictable and that’s exactly why it sucks to be a wrestling fan today.

  • Dan

    If the Rock really was a sell out, why would he come back at all? He doesn’t need the money from WWE, he makes more from movies, and he doesn’t need the attention, WWE needs the attention that The Rock brings.


    @Buttercastle exacly!!!!!!!

  • sam


    your moaning about how WWE Marks are predicting what will happen yet your doing the exact same thing in what you think will happen

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    The Rock is a sell out. I respect him but he is a sell out. Well WWE, arnt u ashamed of the trash your bringing us? I’m reading up and down this blog and the comments here are predicting every thing that’s gonna happend in the WWE exactly how its gonna happend. Well to all you WWE MARKS make sure ur watching WWE tv from here to April(wrestlemania time) cuz after that The Crock will head back to hollywood, Punk will be exposed as fraud n overrated, stone cold will wrestle 4 da last time, Ryback will just be a memory ( a realy bad memory) and if I’m correct the WWE title will mean nothing cuz the Crock will win it and diminishe it completely, then it will be the return of SUPER CENA, after that the death of WWE cuz there will be nobody to challenge SUPER CENA. Cuz money can bring a lot, but it can’t bring talent to a wrestler.

  • Buttercastle

    How can someone sell out on his fans when his fans can still see him in other media? Not like he went into exile and won’t be seen or heard from again. Grow up.

  • hf part two

    rock SOLD OUT on the fans.

    he’ll leave us AGAIN once mania is over.

  • This of course is after the elimination chamber ppv. Time to set up his wrestlemania feud with whoever either cena, taker, hhh or brock.


    i thank rock from the bottom of my heart for showing in RAW despite his busy schedule,HE IS REALLY PEOPLE’S CHAMP……………….THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!