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The Rock Not Appearing at WWE’s Hell In a Cell Pay-Per-View, See No Evil 2 Updates, AJ Lee

– WWE Diva AJ Lee has been announced for the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. She will be appearing from 1pm until 4pm.

– Filming wrapped for WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2 yesterday, which means Kane should be ready to return soon. Special effects experts Todd Masters and Monster Masters worked on the movie and it was noted that the movie will feature “supreme blood and gore.”

– With the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view just a few weeks away, it’s safe to say The Rock won’t be appearing. It was reported a few months ago that WWE wanted The Rock to appear at Hell In a Cell, from his hometown of Miami, to shoot an angle to set up a WrestleMania XXX match. As of last week, The Rock’s status for WrestleMania was still unknown.

  • millerj265

    Any news story involving the rock and john Cena, there’s tons of comments that would specifically apply to what I said in any number of those news storys.

  • JAckh45

    Rock at xxx would be over doing it. Granted I want him to come back, but 4 years in a row is dragging on. Maybe 31 or 32 even. Let Austin or Goldberg come back in between. Then give us your final match for a while Rock.
    Calling him a sell-out is stupid. Its money people, we would all choose more money for an easier job, its just natural. Making movies is simple compared to non-stop preforming and travelling.
    The only thing I can see happening tho is Rock v Cena 3, the decider match both 1-1 currently. This one would be a great finisher to Rocks wrestling career and a great highlight for Johns.

  • JohnCena33

    Please use some punctuation. It would make you seem as if you were intelligent.

  • JohnCena33

    How do I lash out at anyone for a comment about Cena? Please provide specific comments.

  • millerj265

    I wouldn’t say he cant act, in fact he has nvr been given a script that really even gives him a chance to, its fairly easy to pretend to be a badda$% good guy killing machine especially since that’s the character he plays on tv anyways minus the killing that is lol. If you watch his movie legend, which granted isn’t that great, but he is a down and out alcoholic and he shows a decent range of acting skills in it, its not academy award worthy stuff or anything but it gives a little peak at what he could be capable of if given a chance to do more serious acting. And as for JohnCena33 I like the guy and enjoy discussing things with him, but I will admit when it comes to Cena he is a bit biased towards him and tends to lash out at anyone or anything negative said about him.

  • what?

    your just mad your boy cena can’t act that doesn’t make rock a sell out get a grip

  • JohnCena33

    Ha, why woud Rock return, he is a SELL OUT.