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The Rock Begins Pain & Gain, Nash Tweets Brock Lesnar, Warrior Injured

– Kevin Nash wrote the following to Brock Lesnar on Twitter:

“@DCBROCKLESNAR It’s Nash want to talk to you,remember all of us, me included bought every fight you had.You’re the baddest man on this planet”

– The Rock began filming Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain in Miami on Wednesday. He wrote on Twitter:

“Helluva 1st day of shooting PAIN & GAIN (Michael Bay directing). Insane true story and characters. #GonnaHaveSomeFun”

– The Ultimate Warrior wrote on Twitter that he recently suffered a torn bicep:

“Unexpected, exciting, new challenge. Torn Bicep. Reattached Monday. Rehab and Training commences immediately. ABW”


    Hey Venom, June,9?


    Warrior is one of the best characters EVER, what went down between him and Vince back then is like Austin and Vince except it was reall life… At least he one of the few that doesn’t deal with bullshit and doesn’t buy into money.. You know Vince will HATE on you for that.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I grew up on wrestling in the 80s and 90s and loved Warrior, and didn’t need the Internet to tell me to hate him. And I don’t. But like Duffman says, he himself showed us what kind of a nutjob he really is. The rant on Hogan though, while long and winded, was truthful and at times, pretty funny. “They don’t enjoy you anymore. They’re sick to their stomachs of you. They want you to pack your gear bag and go fucking home!” Warrior, you crazy bastard, amen to that! Go home, Hogan. And stay there.

  • Hofgen

    I think anyone who has ever heard Warrior speak knows the guy is insane.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Or 3. People who loved wrestling in the 80s/90s and never liked warrior in the first place, then his internet videos made him look like a psycho.


    @heyfit Quit being a Bitch

  • Steve

    There are two kinds of people who hate the Ultimate Warrior.

    1. People who weren’t into wrestling in the late 80s/early 90s.
    2. People who loved the Warrior back then, but grew up and read on the internet that it was cool to hate on him now.

  • heyfit

    never ever leaving? YEAH FUCKING RIGHT, LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Miles

    Helwig is a nothing who deserves ZERO attention.

  • Shawn

    How the hell did Warrior tear his bicep? Seriously, all he does is fixate on Hulk Hogan and make bizarre YouTube videos. Strange guy, that Warrior Hellwig.