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When Will The Rock & Cena Get Physical on RAW?, WWE Divas in Cosmo, DVD Updates

– WWE shipped 158,000 DVD units in January, down 16% from January 2011.

The Steve Austin DVD from last year has shipped 136,000 units total and the Oh My God! DVD set has shipped 113,000 units. The Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart Rivalry DVD is not listed among the biggest sellers for WWE so it appears that set was not a big seller.

– The new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has an article on women’s pro wrestling and has comments from WWE Divas Alicia Fox, Eve Torres and Torrie Wilson.

– Word is that The Rock and John Cena will not have any physical contact until the March 26th RAW Supershow, the final show before WrestleMania 28.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • cenaWWE

    porn is on lol…..

  • JIR

    The real beef between Rock and Cena in my eyes is that Cena(Rap gimmick) comes out gets everyone hyped up gets touted as the NEXT Rock and then starts going off into movies but can’t get the same reaction as The Rock then becomes PG Cena the company guy. Now Rock comes back to self promote well himself and Vince sees the CASH in the air and the whole thing starts to take a life off its own. But what do I know

  • Toby

    Rock? Cena is the one like Hogan overrated (Well wait.. he doesn’t do anything to be overrated, but run his mouth and say stupid G rated sh*t) so… hes worthless and annoying. He seriously needs to go away.

  • grizz

    Rock sucks, he’s just like Hogan, he actually believes all the hype about him.

  • Allen

    @Pig I fear we will probably see an Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly fight.

  • Pig

    Yawnnnnnn………what Diva match will we get this year???

  • katelyn

    What issue!? I have the March issue.

  • JIR

    Then Laryngitis comes out and rambles about whatever and makes it a over the top tag team match, because Big Johnny is entertaining

  • Jimbo

    and that’s when teddy long’s music hits “hold on playas, tag team match! The rock and john census vs raw and smackdown! Holla!”

  • ogitchida

    Money is on……….. This shit is getting boring !!!!

  • Charismatic Otunga

    Money is on that they fight and Vince declares that Cena AA the Rock to end the show and wins the Wrestlemania match, and then comes Orton to RKO the World so that the kids go home happy and Vince earns more $$ with his flagship wrestlers

  • Prince

    I’d rather have it be like the Rock/Austin WM 19 build, where they exchange who gets the upper hand each week. And they each other’s finishers on each other. Like this week, Rock should AA Cena. That would be good stuff.

  • JIR

    Money is on they fight and the whole locker room comes out to break them up but they still get a hold of each other