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The Rock To Challenge The Undertaker At WrestleMania 29?, Molly Holly To Be Honored

– With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stating on record that he will be present at WrestleMania 29 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the official WWE website has published an article on their five theories for his participation at the event. One theory includes Johnson challenging The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

“If a showdown for the WWE Title is out of the cards for The Brahma Bull, there’s no reason he can’t throw the gauntlet down at the feet of The Deadman and attempt to surmount what has become the greatest challenge in WrestleMania history,” the article states. “The Rock and The Phenom have history together (they were even Tag Team Champions for a hot minute), but a collision on The Greatest Stage of Them All would — to use an old expression — certainly put a lot of butts in the seats. Besides, after interring Triple H inside Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania 28, The Demon of Death Valley will be looking for a top-caliber challenger (if he’s looking for a challenger at all), and a high-profile opponent like The People’s Champion certainly fits the mold.”

Other theories including Johnson challenging for or defending the WWE Championship, challenging for the Tag Team Championship, a rematch against John Cena, and a “Rock Concert” with Bruce Springsteen.

– The Cauliflower Alley Club, a non-profit fraternal organization comprising both retired and active professional wrestlers and boxers in North America, has announced former WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly as their 2013 Women’s Wrestling Honoree. She will receive the award at their next reunion event taking place April 15-17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Past female grappling honorees include Darling Dagmar, Rockin’ Robin and Awesome Kong.

Now 35-years-old, Molly Holly has mostly kept away from the wrestling scene since parting ways with WWE in 2005. Sans a one-night return at WrestleMania XXV, her wrestling-related appearances have been limited to occasional guest referee roles and autograph signings.

  • Rocky sucks you are a complete dumbass


    leave it guys THE OLDY UNDERTAKER would die within the match of heart attack he cannot fight against THE ROCK.

  • Jesus

    Brilliant Kannon81 you are god. I mean my dad.

  • Kannon81

    Royal Rumble entrant 30 never comes out. Cena eliminates final contestant. Thinks he is the winner. Lights go out Taker is in the ring. Lights come on and he eliminates cena. Rock at Wrestlemania 29 you will rest in peace. Title vs. streak. Taker shows up at Raw and retires. Lights go out and come back on. Camera shows hole in the ring and pieces of the title. He took the title to hell with him. Perfect reason for the new title they are creating to be used.

  • Mr. XYZ

    Actually, Rock vs. Undertaker did already happen before at King of The Ring 1999.

  • Actually the rock is 40 years old but looks 35

  • robert

    lol not going to happen

  • D2K

    Diesel: “Rock’s only 35 so why would he even think about retiring??”

    Me: Not saying that he ‘will’ retire, just saying he has tangible reasons to. Most of those reasons have pictures of dead presidents on them.

    The Rock is the 4th-highest-paid actor in Hollywood right now and makes more per-picture than he did the entire Attitude Era. From July 2011-July 2012 he’s made $36 million dollars. Plus there really isn’t anything left for him to do in the ring anyway.

  • Diesel

    Did Pig just compare Rock & Taker to Flair & Hogan??? lmao!!!

    Rock’s only 35 so why would he even think about retiring?? And as for Taker, yeah ok he’s getting on a bit but so what? Hogan & Flair couldn’t do half the stuff Taker can do in their prime let alone now. Besides Taker isn’t working a full time scheadule either anymore, and lets face it he’s earned the right to take time off & come back whenever he damn well wants to be perfectly honest.

  • Fivogoeswest

    While the rock/undertaker match would probably put a few more butts in the seats I think the rock as wwe champ would put even more butts in the seats. Ya sure the rock undertaker would be something people might wanna see but having the rock holding the wwe title while he’s on the red carpet for whatever movie is coming out being introduced as the current wwe champ will get wwe so much publicity. Yeah I see wwe liking that.

  • Bill

    Triple H & Rock had a lot of feuds with each other, & it also leaking into reality as they always tried to top one another. A heel Triple H vs. The Rock would be great at Wrestlemania. If not Taker or HHH, have Rock face a young guy at WM, like Ziggler or Miz.

  • Pig

    2000 was 12 years ago. I don’t want to see any of them wrestle anymore….no sense in watching them struggle and not be able to do what they used to do. Enjoy the memories, but 2000 is long gone. Let the new wrestlers shine and build their records….they too will soon be too old.

    Isn’t it funny you same ones that want these stupid matches bitch about Hogan and Flair never retiring. Hmmmm

  • Nick

    @ raysmith actually it does matter who fights taker.
    would you rather see the great khali lose to taker
    would you rather see the rock lose to taker?

    Point proven

  • D2K

    @Cool D: I’m in favor of either match actually. The Rock and Taker haven’t had that many encounters. It would be refreshing.

    HHH and the Rock HAVE had many encounters, but I personally wouldn’t mind seeing another match just for old time’s sake. IMO the HHH/Rock feud was the best in the Attitude Era. I know I am in the minority of that, but their battle for supremacy in ’99-2000 was legendary.

  • it does not matter who wrestle’s the taker at WM he will stay unbeating

  • I wouldn’t mind rock and taker going at it but I would really like to see hhh vs the rock. Just imagine if hhh screwed rock at rumble and hhh says it was good for business. This could be like vince and hogan at wm 19.

  • Diesel

    I actually wouldn’t mind a Rock/Taker match in all honesty, I’m suprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

    I mean lets face it, Dwayne/Rock has done it all: he’s won every major title, won the Royal Rumble and faced basically EVERY big name WWE and WCW had (except Shawn Michaels)from Steve Austin and HHH to Booker T and Goldberg.


    One thing he hasn’t done is faced Taker at Mania. Ok sure we all know the obvious outcome will be Taker winning, but lets face it Dwayne has nothing left to prove anyway. This would be a great match for both fans in my opinion.

  • Shawn

    Did Tony Schiavone write this article?