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The Rock Says He’s Come Close to Slapping John Cena’s Lips Off His Face

– The Rock recently spoke with about facing John Cena at WrestleMania 28, returning to wrestle for WWE and more. From the embedded video below, here’s some of what Rock had to say about Cena:

“Coming back into this world, I felt like I needed something real to sink my teeth into as a performer. [This is] very real. Whatever Cena has said in the past publicly, three or four years ago, I always remembered it. Then, that gave us a nice launching point. It’s not personal. I don’t personally hate John, I don’t hate anybody but the tension is nice and real and I like it. I think it plays well into what we’re doing at WrestleMania. People feel that. I don’t have to be your friend, I don’t want to be your friend. But when we go out there, let’s entertain the people.

But that tension is very palpable and it’s nice and real. I’ve come close a couple of times to slapping the lips off his face. It’s OK. I like his lips where they’re at for now. [Laughs.]”

  • Austin

    Stone Cold comes back every couple of months and never asks for a MAIN EVENT spot at Wrestlemania so as much as The Rock wants to go bald with a goatee, this match will never be like a Cena/Austin match

  • King


    ahh Stone Cold Never sold out….he was forced to retire due to injury….last time i checked even after his last match(at Wrestle Mania 19) he was still on WWE TV & even when he wasnt a regular anymore he STILL Appeared & GAVE BACK!!! Unlike good ol dwayne… Stone Cold never FORGOT where he came from & who & what made him a House Hold Name….i cant even count on 2 hands how many times Stone Cold has been coming back just in 2003 alone…how many times has the crock came in in the 7-8 yrs???u can barely count on one hand….as for HBK he got injured & had every right to take time off for a few yrs hes EARNED!!! IT dont even compare The Crock to HBK caliber

  • keylo

    Date: Mar 14, 2012 at 12:06 AM

    Austin couldn’t continue his career due to injury and HBK earned his retirement and as much as I hate to admit it Dwayne earned his mania spot and has made pretty consistent appearances over the past four or five years

    I agreed with you till the point where you claim Rock has being showing up for the past 4/5 yrs,really lol as when was that ? as it was just before last years WM when he returned as far as I WAS AWARE

  • cenaWWE

    @king a fucking men brother

  • Bruno

    Cena will kill rock in a real fight

  • King

    OMFG then do it already crock like holy shit….all u do is fucking talk talk talk with all ur grade school insults…what a shame that this dude went from being one of the greatest from the attitude era being the rock to The Talk cuz thats all this fucker does these days…as much as im excited for WrestleMania 28 but at the same time i cant wait till its over either cuz that way we dont have to see this fucker anymore…we didnt need him for 8yrs we dont need him now. case closed

  • Mark

    how exactly did they sell out their fans???? Rock chose a movie career , austin had to stop due to health reasons and hbk had to take a break for the same reason.

    Its nice to see the rock back , dont care wot anyone says

  • dave

    cena was a bodybuilder and then sold out to be a wrestler. then he tried rapping and movies. he can do whatever he wants he would have chosen a $200m rap or acting career had they been available

  • Soulshroude

    Rock may have a bit of inring rust. Or he may be practicing in an actual ring to relieve himself of that rust. He used to be very agile and mobile. Hope we all get to see that old “Rock” speak and agility! If that happens, Cena doesn’t stand a chance inring!!

  • Flip

    Austin couldn’t continue his career due to injury and HBK earned his retirement and as much as I hate to admit it Dwayne earned his mania spot and has made pretty consistent appearances over the past four or five years

  • hbk fan

    cena is gonna get his assed whooped and rock is a sell out the last 3 raws have been sold out so choke on that slap nuts

  • heyfit

    Rock, Austin & HBK sold out on their fans.
    All 3 could still wrestle but they left us.

    FUCK those 3 jabronies.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    The Rock wanted to face Sting in his prime? I would’ve loved to see that one, would’ve been a fun match.

  • poko

    “Sell out” has become one of the most childish insults out there. Basically, it’s people telling other people what to do with their lives. As far as I’m concerned, ANYONE has the right to change careers if they want, and they don’t need anyone else’s permission.

    On top of that, “sell out” is also misused to a stupid degree. The term means someone who abandons what they really want to do for the sake of money or power–as far as I can see, the Rock became an actor because he loves to entertain, not for the money, which would actually make him the opposite of a sell out.

    Anyway, the idea that a wrestler can’t switch professions if they like because the fans own their lives is bloody retarded.

  • stubbb


    So more entertaining than that Eminem wanna be. Waiting eight years has been worth it.

  • Nick

    rocks a bitch, fucking sell out, yeah yeah, you all can tell me undertaker only works once a year, but rock hasnt worked for 8 years..and than he wants the main spot at wrestlemania, fuck you rock