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The Rock Comments on Why He’s Doing WrestleMania 28 and More

– The Rock was asked on Twitter if he ever thought he would face John Cena at WrestleMania. The Rock replied:

“a few years ago when Cena – inexplicably – started talking trash publicly, I knew then I could turn this into a massive main event. One that could elevate the WWE to unprecedented heights. The timing had to be right though. Wrestlemania 27: for me and the fans – the time was right. The build to Wrestlemania 28 will be like nothing the world has ever seen before. The match itself will be historic. I didn’t come back to the WWE to become champion again. I came back for these reasons: entertain the fans like no-one else can. Elevate the WWE to new heights never seen before. Challenge and mentor some of the younger talent. Give the millions what they want which is to kick John Cena’s f’n ass. #RockTalk”

Rock was also asked if he regrets saying he would never leave, now that he’s left again. He replied:

“Not at all. I never meant to mislead or confuse the fans and I apologize if I did. The overall goal was to make huge impact and elevate Wrestlemania. Shoot my movie commitments, then return again as soon as I wrap the film and help elevate the WWE and the overall business of professional wrestling. Survivor Series, Mania etc. #RockTalk”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    David I get what you’re saying but that isn’t my gripe with the guy. I agree he left and chose a better path. I could careless if he promotes his movies and whatnot. My problem is he is lying to his “fans” and continues to with his I will never leave again load. He hasn’t appeared once since April or May whenever his birthday thing was. If it were true about never leaving us, he could at least do one of his prerecorded via satellite skits. Understandable to guy can’t show live because of his movies but there is no excuse for not showing like I stated above.

  • david said so

    @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling dude u have to understand he choose a better option in leaving than staying and maybe getting hurt and lets look at austin not hating on him but he also came back to promote his stuff look at it like this he does something better makes more money and his body isint in pain as much thats a choice 9/10 people would take all the time atleast be happy hes wrestling again @robinson theres no need for you to talk like if ur retarded

  • Rock lied’ plain and simple. He turned his back on the buisness that made him a star. Now he needs some exposure so he is back for a brief period. Yeah he just made two movies but he was not the main star in either. He hopes that the exposure of WM will boost him back to the starring role.

  • JOE

    Children? Immature? Aren’t you the one going around here calling matt hardy fatt hardy??

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Robinson, I’ve explained before I’m not going to respond to children who have to use immature name calling to get their points across but for you I’ll make a one time exception. Steve Austin did not do the same thing. He left because he was forced to with his neck injury. He also didn’t abandon us for 7yrs, he makes appearances now and then. Finally, he did not lie to us and say he will never leave. That is alright, I know Rock marks are blinded because he is an attitude era icon opposed to the pg icon Cena. Refer to the ending of my final sentence from my last post if you don’t like this. Children these days… Can you make it anymore obvious.

  • @DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling, your obviously an idiot. Of course he left wrestling you testicle shitting rectale ward, he did all that he can do. He met one goal and went for another. I personally respect the reason he left and comes back every once and awhile, it shows he never forgets where he came from. If he came back full time he’d be just like cean and in the title picture 24/7 and i’m sure he wants the new generation to have there time like they deserve you douche face cock master. Get off the guys nuts. Why aren’t you bitching about stone cold he does the exact same thing. Why dont you just change the record and get a hair cut you nincumpoop. The rocks one of the greatest profesional wrestlers EVER and maybe he wants to spend time with his family and not be on the road 360 days out of the year. So like they say, if you got a problem with it them stop watching.

  • Unique

    I dont thik the rock lied at all….he did leave wrestling…. When he changed he started to separate himself from the biz. When he said he was back and isnt going anywhere i like to think that this is what he is talking about. he turned away from wrestling but now wants back in…i think that he has realised that his fame has come from wrestling and without it he is just another action movie star… nothing special. I was pissed that he left the way he did…..but now i welcome him back

  • D2K

    Let’s cut to the quick on this. The Rock LIED. Plain and simple. Doesn’t matter why. He just did. The Rock clearly does not need the money, but he does need something to DO.

    I think that The Rock saw an opportunity to get retribution restored. With WM28 being in his own backyard of Miami, Florida and with the fans epic hatred of John Cena, you could see John Cena as a face getting booed even worse than he was in Chicago against CM Punk. Maybe even as bad as…….Toronto, Canada. At the Skydome. At Wrestlemania X8, against Hulk Hogan. The Rock had gone into back-to-back Wrestlemanias being booed unmercifully and I think he wants to have a WM moment where HE is the guy getting all the cheers while the other guy is getting booed even though he is not supposed to.

  • blue4everd

    lol @duffman comparing Hulk to The Rock…The Rock isnt greedy..he has money…he just loved entertaining…WWE is where he first started…its what made him where he is today. I truly believe him when he says hes for the fans….

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Did I ever say he was broke and needed it no? But people can get greedy with a lot of money, Hogan is a prime example of this. More money = Better. After the payoff from Mania or shortly after he will vanish once again. I’ve told other people this I’ll tell everybody else the same. Don’t like my views on someone that is just tfb.

  • So… He’s back for a full year in WWE for … the money? Remember, he -left- for the money. How can he be back for the same reason?

  • Rucdogg

    Yea cuz Rock starring in Fast Five and GI Joe within the last year and a half…im sure he is broke and hurting for money. Just saying homie, I dont think he needs money

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Yep totally mad because I see Rocky for what he is.

  • Effmenow

    ^He’s mad boiss^

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’m not buying Rocks garbage he spews about it being the fans which is why he is back. If he were back for us fans it would not have taken 7yrs… He is in it for the money plain and simple. Come Mania, I honestly couldn’t give a crap who wins. 1 corner we have an ass-kissing Cena and the other we have a lair Rocky plus 1yr build up in advance.

    Queue Rock marks to launch of his “Johnson”(pun intended) and attack to defend their beloved…

  • muh boy

    i hope he beats up cena