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The Rock Comments on Wrestlers “Breaking Kayfabe” and John Cena Responds

– After Monday’s RAW Supershow with John Cena’s rap and The Rock’s concert, a fan on Twitter wrote to The Rock about how he was “keeping kayfabe” and Cena wasn’t but Rock was still “owning him.”

The Rock replied:

“”Breaking kayfabe” is easy, cheap and never entertaining. Boys who are desperate do it all the time.”

Cena replied with the following today:

“Agreed @therock People should stick to the difficult stuff like mom jokes, sexuality, and making light of someones appearance. #WM28”

  • dave

    CM Punk breaks kayfabe in a way that adds tension to the storyline in a way that could be KAYFABE like talking about how Cena said “i almost lost hope in you” or somehting. cena just talking about who is scripting the promos or planning the matches is RUBBISH

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    @ b c mitchell

    I do agree with you though, right now Cena and Rock both suck. Not because Rock “sold out”, but because he is no longer The Rock.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    @ b c mitchell

    “You know why Austin, Rock, and HHH became huge back in the attitude era? Not the swearing or the sex. It was because the previous group got out of the way and let them get the spotlight. Its time to let the new guys shine.”

    They didn’t “get out of the way”, they went to WCW for more money.

  • Jason L

    @ B C Mitchell

    Don’t forget Andre. He was in The Princess Bride & even did an episode or 2 The Six Million Dollar Man back in the 70’s and I’m betting others did it before Andre as well but probably went by their real names or just weren’t credited.

  • shawn

    thats the last match ass, no refunds and a waste.

  • b c Mitchell

    That is the showdown I’d rather see. Punk vs Rock. The ultimate sports entertainer vs the guy who only wants to be a wrestler. Thatd be pretty damn cool.

  • Best in the world

    @b.c Mitchell

    You are officially the coolest person here. You couldn’t be anymore right. Just sayin’.

  • Jimbo

    Sounds more like Rock was taking a shot at CM Punk.

  • Pig

    Isn’t sports entertainment fake???

  • b c Mitchell

    Hater: Rock isn’t pandering? Its cool when the crowd spontaneously chants a catchphrase. Its sad when he’s gotta tell them to do it. And his constant stopping with the serious face and then breaking out into that big ass grin. You don’t think that’s pandering? Rock feels like Michael Jackson. Hasn’t made a significant contribution to the industry in a decade but because he can still moonwalk we’re expected to lap it up like he’s still the king. And for the record Fuck Cena too

  • b c Mitchell

    Bottom line is Rock is an all time great. Never said he wasnt but not to long ago he himself said he no longer wanted to be referred as The Rock and would only be referred to as Dwayne Johnson. Yet now he claims he has always been and always will be The Rock. Couple years ago he wouldn’t even discuss his tome in wrestling other than saying ” yeah I was there. Next question.” I don’t really blame the guys in back if they are a little put off by it. He had heat on him a few years back at his dad and grandfathers Hall of Fame speech for going on and on and turning it into a stand up special. These guys are a little peeved that after all this time Rock strolls back on like he’s doing them a favor and they and we should all be thankful he’s bothered to return and make Wrestlemania a success. Well in my opinion Rock, HHH, and Taker could have stayed home and let the new guys enjoy the spotlight all for themselves. Not like Wrestlemania wasn’t gonna do a shitload of business without them.


    Cena hasnt changed just cause he came out in his old gear dont mean shit it just means that its the only way he thinks he can one up the Rock. FAIL! Plus he is still pandering to the kids.

  • b c Mitchell

    Never said Cena was original. Rock isn’t either. Hogan and Piper were “Hollywood” long before Rock was. Also don’t think the animosity is towards Rock per se. I think its more this generation of wrestlers getting pissed that management continues to dredge up the past and rely on the stars of yesteryear instead of leaning on the current crop. The complaint is lack of new stars but that has nothing to do with the talent or the PG era for that matter. The problem is that the higher ups have to keep dragging out former stars instead of letting the new ones grow. You know why Austin, Rock, and HHH became huge back in the attitude era? Not the swearing or the sex. It was because the previous group got out of the way and let them get the spotlight. Its time to let the new guys shine.

  • The Killswitch

    b mitchell-Cena’s the original one? Right. Okay, count how many times he brought up the Tooth Fairy. Or how Rock is supposed to have come back week in and week out, permanently because he’s “back.” His entire animosity is built on attacking Rock for moving on to other aspects of his life. Cena is a movie star himself, too. But that failed, and is doomed to appear in the occasional straight-to-DVD WWE film. Oh, and he was Fred’s dad. Enough said.

    The Rock has accomplished what Cena has not. Otherwise Cena wouldn’t be riding his ass. He’s jealous and bitter. He wasn’t accepted as the crowd favorite, and instead he pretends to “rise above it” and put on a front.

  • tang

    True but its what rocks been spouting for 15

  • Paton

    sounds like what Cena has been spouting for 5 years

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    ok lets try something, rocky is the best ever i hope he wins and kicks cenas ass all over Miami.

    by the laws of stupid, retarded and sheepism, you are now required to like my comment, as to not is just blasphemy.

  • b c Mitchell

    True but at least Cena is attempting to come up with new shit. Rock is spouting off the same tired ass material I used to copy from his ass in high school. We get it Dwayne likes pie. If I didn’t know better id think he was trying to convince himself that he loves the tang. Cena sucks but at least he’s trying. Rock is just rehashing the same shtick he’s always done

  • CC

    Once again, Cena comes across as an idiot. Those things he just said The Rock does, are the very things he himself has built his career on.

  • Chuva

    LOL! Twitter Wars are awesome. The exact reason why I watch wrestling.


    Granted, it's far more entertaining than their match will be.