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The Rock Confirmed To Wrestle Next Year, John Cena Appears On SPEED TV

— During WWE’s press conference to announce that WrestleMania XXIX would be held in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday, April 7, 2013, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vowed to appear at the event and “electrify MetLife Stadium like never before.”

Sources within WWE have confirmed to the Pro Wrestling Torch that Johnson will be competing at the event.

— John Cena was interviewed by SPEED TV and talked about waving the green flag at today’s Daytona 500, the race field and facing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania XXVIII.

— Former WWE Superstar John Morrison has been announced to appear at the Chicago Comic Con taking place August 9-12, 2012 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. WWE Champion CM Punk and former WWE Diva Maryse will also be appearing at the event.


    All these people complaining about the Rock wrestling again probably sucked their moms breast milk til they were ten years old. Bunch of 11 year old cry babies

  • Maltese

    The people who are negative about the Rock returning obviously does not remember his career. He had the best matches/promos/rivalries pro wrestling has ever produced so The Rock even coming back once a year is a good fucking thing.

  • soulshroude

    So, an appearance randomly every year… what a career! NOT!!

  • bb

    Mick. Not kick lol

  • bb

    Rock vs kick foley, I want see it again.

  • shawn

    HHH vs. the Rock since everybody else is put in their places. j.k. WWE officials are worry worts as much as the roster gain not enough interest. i wonder why… people cant connect with em. MATCHES ARE CUT SHORT BECAUSE OF PROMOTIONAL SEGMENTS THAT PUT ME OFF. other than that i enjoy from what i see from the wrestlers.

  • Dan

    If it were to be The Rock vs Randy Orton, the only way I’d have any interest would be if Orton went back to his Legend Killer gimmick rather than his current viper gimmick.

  • Nicholas

    @ d to me HHH vs The Rock was the best rival from the attitude era. The two in the ring was one of the best matches they did it all in the ring.

  • d

    i’d like to see rock vs triple h 1 more time

  • heyfit

    Rock sold out!
    He left us all 🙁


    If you slit Jim Ross throat he would bleed Bar B-Q sauce lol and I hope that 40+ year old halloween coustome wearing freak Glenn I mean Kane doesn’t have a match at Mania he sucks monster lol and snake puppet santino you goody mofo. I don’t see how you still around some1 calling shots at wwe must be homo. To think we care about you sick fu##’$ and swagger your pointless I wouldn’t and never have. Have seen one of your matches you suck only reason ppl talked about you doing push ups was cuz it was mania and Austin came out kicked. Your shit stain ass nobody ordered mania to see swagger not even your parents would pay see you but hey “no big deal”lol

  • Nicholas

    I vote for The Rock vs Randy Orton think about the history.

  • little jimmy

    rock vs cena 2?

  • poko

    People need to get over the Rock returning to main event a few times a year. He’s earned his spot as a superstar many times over. He’s doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, which is a dream situation for many people, as well as being the exact opposite of what “selling out” means.

    Wresting is a business, not a charity. It exists to give the fans a good show, not to promote performers to stardom just because they work hard or they have a cult following. The Rock has his spot because of what he’s done. It’s not his job to give up that spot, it’s the job of other wrestlers to rise up and TAKE IT.

    Anyone who wants to get to the main event simply by having other performers disappear really doesn’t have what it takes to be a main eventer in the first place.

  • Paton

    that will piss off the non drawning no marks.

  • bloodstone

    Rock vs otunga that cracks me up i doubt otunga will even still have a job by that time

  • TG

    @Dave The Rock vs Undertaker almost happen in 2002 at Wrestlemania X8. It was suppose to be Hogan vs Austin but neither could decided on a good enough finish it. WWE had Hogan winning the match at one point against Austin but nWo interferring making Hogan believe the win was tainted. The Rock voluntaried to do the match regardless of outcome so The Rock did win the match. Which had The Rock vs Undertaker at No Way Out and Ric Flair vs Taker at Wrestlemania switch places.

  • Titan LMFAO ! ! !

  • dave

    the Rock vs Undertaker obviously

  • Bill

    Rock should definitely not be in the main event(it’d be overkill for 2 years in a row, no offense), but I’d LOVE to see him feud with an up & comer. Dolph Ziggler? Miz? So many awesome(no pun intended) possibilities.

  • Tony A

    Rock Vs. Cody Rhodes

  • Titan

    Rock vs otunga!! Make it happen!

  • The Rock vs HBK !

  • Effmenow

    I can only imagine the locker room when they were told that Rock will be wrestling next year at mania as well. Hopefully he puts over someone up and coming. Maybe Rock vs. Punk or Rock vs. The Miz.

    Either remember WWE Fanboys….it’s good for business.

  • PinkSinCara

    Hey Rock, thanks but no thanks.