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The Rock Discusses What’s Planned After WrestleMania 27 and More

– The Rock was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly today to promote WWE’s WrestleMania 27. Here are some highlights:

After seven years away and becoming increasingly successful as an actor, why did you decide to come back the WWE?

I’ve always had a love for live performance. And growing up in the wrestling business, I have a love for entertaining the fans in that way. It’s a very visceral, intense, emotional, entertaining outlet for me. To be able to perform in front of 75,000 people… It’s always inspired me.

What can we expect for you as Wrestlemania’s host? I know you’ll be holding the mic. But as a fan, we all expect for you to lend a hand or a boot in the beat down party.

What you can expect is getting me at my best — microphone in hand, entertaining the audience, taking the 75,000 people on a great ride for four hours, interacting backstage and in the crowd. And on top of all that is the fact that I can take my boot and stick it straight up someone’s ass. And when I’m done with that, I will slap the lips clean off their face. [Laughs]

Are you going to take a break from movies for more wrestling?

No, I’m going to do both. I’m coming out with Fast Five. I think audiences are really going to like that. I’m a new character [in the Fast and the Furious series]. I hunt down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. That comes out at the end of April. You know, I do pretty good at hunting guys down.

I believe you. When you made your return you said you were never going anywhere again. Will we see you often as a recurring act in the WWE after Wrestlemania?

It’s all up in the air. It depends on what makes sense to the audience. You always think audience first. Much like this return to wrestling, I’m always looking forward to do big and better. [Laughs]

  • Nicholas G

    First off it doesn’t matter to me if the Rock returns to the wrestling full time or not. The fact that he still has the love for the WWE is all I needed to hear. For those who think the Rock movies are all flop that is so not true. He is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood ask the people who are not wrestling fans. An they will tell you that the love the Rock as an actor in Hollywood yeah some of his movies are good an some are not but the guy can act and he is one of the biggest stars in hollywood. An HHH movie is not so bad it only went straight to DVD because that is what WWE is doing to all there movies now because they are making more money that way. The thing HHH will have to do if he wants to become a better actor is break away from the WWE movies an do what the Rock did go to some of the more professional movie makers an HHH will do ok in hollywood. Because I like him as an actor in the Chapron. Yeah the movies stuck be he come off as a guy that would do better in other movies that are not WWE.

    In closing I could never hate the Rock. Of course I am not no hater a specially to the guys that made wrestling what it is today. An the Rock is one of those people. Nobody has been a better wrestler on the mic then the Rock he just knows all the right words. Like Stone Cold said promos is a lost art in pro wrestling right now.

  • The Rock

    @anon Gm. So basically I’m the only one you have to criticize since my name is The Rock. So The Great One & u bring it did nothing wrong, right?

  • The Great One

    to the guy who said rock needs wwe more than wwe needs him. are you fucking high ?

    Since rocks left he has made hit movies, wether you likeit or not, his movies are hits, when there action we all love them, when there family the kids love them, whereas wwe has went in th toilet and lost millions of fans and gets nowhere near the ratings it did when rock was in wwe, and since rock has returned viewership has went up by like a million, so im prettys ure wwe needs him more than hhe needs wwe

  • dan

    u realise rock wont be on tv all the time….. hes behind the scenes aswell with creative from what i heard, stop hating him for god knows how long he made wwe worth watching… then he left to do something else fucking appriciate what he did u fucking moaning twats! seriously pathetic noobs he didnt sell out

  • Anon GM

    i hate you rock for selling out.

  • The Rock

    It’d be cool to see the Rock whoop John cena’s monkey ass at Wrestlemania. Who knows? Maybe the people will see it…..

  • Mojojojo

    “It depends on what makes sense to the audience.”

    There’s only one that that makes sense to the audience and it is Rock getting his ass back in the ring for the millions and millions of fans! I’m glad the interviewer asked him the tough questions but he managed to swerve around them. I just really hope he doesn’t disappear for good and at least shows up here and there, maybe even a match.

  • Bring_Back_Attitude_ERA

    i bet if vince lets rock win the title he’d stick around the wwe a little longer then go straight back to hollywood the night he loses his title like back in summerslam 02

  • U bring it

    Hey, he making monies doing these movies. And if he were such a flop. Um unlike tripple H movie they dont go straight to DVD. He puts up respectable numbers. I think hell do better playing a bad guy / tough guy that witch mountain shit, and tooth ferry. But they are disney movies so how can he loose.

  • Rucdogg

    rather you think his movies suck or not, he gets paid millions to do em, a lot more than he would make wrestling, i dont think he needs them at all. unlike austin, cena, angle, batista. the rock still gets new movies that play in movie theaters. not to mention the rundown, faster, gridiorn gang and walking tall were good ass movies, and my wife and son love the gameplan. just saying.

  • J-Roc.

    The Rocks movies have sucked and they aren’t getting better.
    The rock needs the WWE more then the WWE needs him.

  • David

    “Depends on if they pay me enough.” [Laughs]

  • mark

    the Rock has always made it clear that he was not returning to wrestling full time.

  • The Great One

    so in other words rock is leaving again, but he doesnt want to just say it, i love this guy and im so happy he came back and has done what he was, and i wont ever turn my back on him like some of the candy ass fans did but i just wish he was around longer, thanks for the memories rock, you got out when your on top of the biz, and thats the best time to leave

  • HeartBreakHill


    They used the “W” Word!