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The Rock a Fan of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode

– The Rock shared his praise for TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode today on Twitter.

The Rock has apparently seen some of Roode’s recent work on Impact Wrestling as he wrote:

“@REALBobbyRoode I dig your work. Keep movin’ the crowd and kicking that ass. (tell Bubba his calves still aren’t as big as mine)”

  • Jason

    Venom I think we both know that some times promotions drop a certain storyline that they feel is not working. What happened to the WWE Raw GM angle? lol

    But to answer your question I would guess it was dropped. I don’t work in that area for TNA, I do mostly PR work and promotion.

  • JIR

    TNA’s biggest problem is not pushing the younger talents most main events involve OLD STARS stealing the spotlight.
    WWE’s problem is lack of trust in their talents and miss management of deserving talent

  • @

    Didnt know Rock and Bubba were friends..

  • Phil Collins

    Always thought Robert Roode was a diamond in the rough. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing him in the main even scene at WWE in a few years.

  • venom


    Since you work for TNA, who kidnapped Joe?????

  • arrrrr truth

    jason will be the first to say we dont see eye to eye on anything. i greatly disagree with the level of his remarks especially with regards to who is a mark on here and so on. however, bubba can get heat from any crowd, anywhere, at anytime. it absolutely amazes me how great of a natural heel he is. the rock should be a fan of roode. tnas writing is garbage and alot of times they put the wrong talent on top. but if roode and storm main event the next several pay per views, they can put this company back on the radar. its up to hogan to keep his mouth shut and the rest of the tna execs to keep garbage like joes ninja kidnappers, and meth hardy off my screen. then maybe id be more interested. and crimson too while we’re at it.

  • Jason

    LMAO at the WWE fanboys/cry babies that can’t stand the fact that most main event wrestlers like to watch TNA Impact. WWE has no worker that could get the level of heat that Roode or Ray got this past week on Impact. That is a fact. Face it WWE marks TNA Impact is just a better promotion at the moment with better booking and talent. The only thing WWE has over tna right now is better production.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    The fact of it all is Rock appreciates guys who bust their ass to give the fans a good show, and that is what Bobby Roode does.

  • moo

    oh wait I remember he put over Zac Ryder once.

  • moo

    TNA is awesome, Rock knows it,but yeh its weird you don’t really hear him put over many young WWE guys. Maby if guys like CM Punk and Dolf Ziggler didn’t make all those whiney jealous remarks about him all the time he would, who knows.

  • venom

    @Snark Mark

    So I guess The Rock is not allowed to say what he wants. It’s not like he is signing over to the other company. He made a simple compliment. BTW, his mainevent is going to draw more buys and every wrestler that wrestles at mania is going to get a bigger paycheck because of him.

  • Effmenow

    TNA has some good stuff and some stuff that sucks. Much like WWE.

  • Austin316

    Angle probably hacked his account

  • Bill

    Rock watches TNA?!?!?

  • Snark Mark

    So the Rock still only works a half dozen WWE dates all year, appears live via satellite, and steals the headline of WM away from talent who work 250 dates annually – now he’s putting over the other company?

  • Bawb

    I think that’s pretty classy of him to do that. Roode must be smiling from ear to ear.

  • kamala’s foot

    It’s really sad when the rock has to compliment a TNA loser.