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Is The Rock a Fan of Wrestlers in Movies?, Ryder’s YouTube Show and More

– WWE finally posted this week’s episode of NXT: Redemption after a bit of a delay.

– Colt Cabana, Luke Gallows and Cliff “Domino” Compton are currently working on a sequel to last year’s Wrestling Roadside Diaries DVD. The first film in the series featured Cabana, Sal Rinauro and Daniel Bryan.

– The Rock has officially signed on for Michael Bay’s new movie “Pain and Gain.” Filming begins later this year.

– Speaking of Rock, he did an interview with The Guardian in the UK to promote Journey 2 and was asked if he’s a fan of any other wrestlers in movies. Rock apparently isn’t a fan of any WWE Studios movies as he said:

“[Long pause] The only film I’ve enjoyed starring a wrestler was Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler (7). That’s it.”

– Zack Ryder’s new YouTube show will be available on the revamped WWE YouTube channel later today. He wrote last night:

“Just finished editing Episode 51 (or is it 1?) of Z! True Long Island Story. Look for it Friday afternoon on it’s new home…”

  • lew

    Most of the movies that were named the wrestlers in them were not the main stars the difference between them and the rock is the rock became a wrestler and an actor and the others r just wrestlers who were in movies and even though im not the biggest rock fan u gotta respect that

  • JE28

    Dont forget The Longest Yard with Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Austin, and Khali.

  • Sammo

    I can think of quite a few decent movies that starred WWE wrestlers to be honest…

    Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride (one of the greatest films ever)
    Roddy Piper in They Live
    Steve Austin in The Expendables
    R-Truth in The Wrestler
    The Fabulous Freebirds in Highlander
    Jerry Lawler in Man on the Moon (underrated gem)
    Macho Man in Spiderman
    Nathan Jones in Troy
    Tyler Mayne in X-Men

    All movies worth a watch. And I’d struggle to name a movie starring The Rock that can compete with any of them!

  • Dee durp

    Come on Rocky. ‘They Live’ is better than anything you’ve ever done, and you know it.

  • milkdud

    Guess rock isn’t a fan of his own movies since he is a wrestler himself or did he forget bout wrestlemania?? Survivor series??

  • venom

    Blade 3 was good with HHH. Kevin Nash was good in The Punisher(04). It’s WWE Studios that is crap.

  • Antojnr

    HHH was good in blade 2 I think it was

  • scooter

    in fairness orton was pretty awesome in his movie

  • Superman

    Hogans movies weren’t the greatest but he did pave the way and I believe they were enjoyable I like “suburban comando” plus “12 rounds ” and “the marine” were nice action flicks as well

  • thomas

    Rock only thinks that he can make movies thinking only about himself what a asshole

  • Sammo

    Then The Rock obviously hasn’t seen Mr Nanny!