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The Rock Featured in New Trailer for THQ’s WWE ’12 Video Game

– The Rock has been confirmed for THQ’s WWE ’12 video game after the trailer below was just released. This is the second WWE ’12 Superstar specific trailer to be released as Randy Orton was featured in the first one.

WWE ’12 is scheduled to be released in late November of this year, just days after The Rock is booked to confront John Cena at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. The trailer is below and WWE ’12 is available to pre-order:

  • cm punk mark

    at least he has a tat this time

  • Bill

    @Dale, check out Gamestop’s WWE ’12 page. @Matt, they actually said that wasn’t happening. I’m okay with them taking out moves because they are too old, but I’m not okay with taking them all out & NOT redoing them. There’s no sort of leg drop for Hulk Hogan, only 2 Stunners out of 5 really good ones from the past, & they even took out HBK’s signature taunt. That wasn’t even old!

  • Rucdogg

    THis will be the first one I buy since ps2. I find it funny that NBA 2K11 brung MJ back and that game sold like crazy, maybe WWE is trying the same thing.

  • Mike

    Ive got to be honest, the character model does look terrible, im going to say svr2011 Rock looked better. I would rather wrestle him with his “I BRING IT” top on.


    is gonna be great cant wait 4 the roster


    @ daniel shut up wwe 12 is going be great

  • CenaSucks

    i have to pre-order just to get him?…y is it that austin and rock are the hardest to get? and the most time consuming? i mean come on!

  • Dale

    Sorry, where are people seeing an alternate Miz attire?

  • Matt

    We still know that they will take out many more moves this year. And they will probably still keep that single running attack option.

  • Bill

    I love this model of the rock. Plus, the Miz alternate attired are great.

  • venom

    I think Sin Cara will be DLC at somepoint for this game.

  • sammy

    The Rock is featured the most in the smackdown video game series.I gotta get this shit.

  • daniel

    ive seen better caws in 2011 than that