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The Rock Grants a Wish, WWE Wants a Top Star in The Marine, Cena Talks Lesnar

– In the pre-WrestleMania 28 press conference video below from Brian Fritz of, John Cena was asked about the rumors of Brock Lesnar returning to WWE:

– The Rock met a boy named Thomas and his family from Make-A-Wish in Miami on Monday night before the RAW Supershow. has photos of The Rock granting Thomas’s wish.

– WWE Champion CM Punk, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, JTG and Kofi Kingston have all been rumored to replace Randy Orton in WWE’s The Marine 3. Because the movie is co-promoted with 20th Century Fox, WWE wants a big named star in the movie and the number of guys at or near Orton’s level are limited. The movie begins filming in June so we should hear something soon.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Pakk

    So true…

  • 0431

    @ JohnCena33 That was pretty original, I am blown away by your response. For a second there i though you were going to say she was a sell out. Also do you even have a dick? The way you speak so sweet you sure surprised me.

  • cenaWWE

    didn’t someone write an article on here about WWE possibly getting out of doing films??? now they waste money they could pay the fans to do a version of Marine 3 and the winner gets to be the star!!!!!

  • JohnCena33

    Do you know how many times your mom sucks my dick?

  • 0431

    @ JohnCena33 So how often do you suck Cena’s dick, because according to your posts its quite regularly.

  • SYM

    Kamala’s foot should play in the Marines

  • adam

    I’d say cody because he has the look and his mic work has gotten better. As for punk he would be good as a villian not an actual marine i dont think.

  • JohnCena33

    The Rock would sellout on the marines just like Randy Orton did.

  • WWE has a guy whos pretty good in movies….. and hes The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising ect ect ect since he seems to change the rest everytime he says it

  • JohnCena33

    Nice joke, The Rock granting a wish. LMAO. He probably smiled at the kid, signed an autograph, gave him a hug, and left. He spent 5 minutes at the most with the kid. AT LEAST CENA SPENDS LIKE 3 HOURS WITH THE KIDS

  • SEAL

    JTG & Kofi Kingston?! Are You Serious, Bro?!?!

  • heyfit

    JTG is still in the WWE?

    Anyhoo, they should get Jake Swagger to play the lead in Marine 3.
    He’s an All American American American American American American plus he needs a haircut.

  • b c Mitchell

    So JTG is considered on Ortons level huh?

  • Ronald

    -pointless for john cena to reappear in the movie
    -cm punk’ image doesn’t fit
    -cody rhodes: maybe… hesitant on his acting but i believe he could pull it off. he’s been running hot as of late too
    -jtg: it’s an intriguing thought and we can see if he has range in acting away from the thug character
    -kofi: would have to cut his hair! =/
    -ronald: probably no i mean i can but like idk like i’m gonna be in Provincetown during like the filming. if they brought it there i’d reconsider. aside from being gay, i think i’d make a strong marine. besides, i fucked one once (she was atleast a 5). hey a hole’s a hole.

  • Jon

    I think Cena will be a “Marine” again. I definently don’t see Punk being in that role. JTG might be ousted soon. Kofi wouldn’t scafice his locks for the role.

    BTW why does WWE still make low movies anyway?

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    Because JTG is definitely a big name star at Randy Orton’s level

  • Dans

    JTG is not gonna get this part he can’t even get a spot on WWE NXT and looks to be released. R Truth would be good.