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The Rock Insults Cena Fans After RAW, Big WWE Announcement This Morning

– WWE is teasing a major announcement for 10am EST this morning:

“WWE’s Board of Directors has just informed that there will be a change in leadership for next week’s Raw SuperShow and SmackDown. The Board’s official statement on the futures of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long (@GMSmackDown) and Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis (@WWERawGM) will be released exclusively on tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. ET.”

– The cameras continued rolling after last night’s WWE RAW Supershow in Portland, Oregon as The Rock kept cutting a promo on John Cena. WWE’s website posted footage of Rock’s post-RAW rant including Rock picking on Cena fans in the crowd. Rock told the fan to “rise above these nuts.” Rock’s promo ended and John Cena came out to beat Kane in the dark main event.

  • @smiffybluenose

    How the fuck do people think cena won. he came out and came up with his usual shit like he always does. that is why everyone hates cena because it just the same old shit. ans he isnt very good at that shit either hes just the best of a bad bunch in which we call the PG era!

    the rock has won the promo wars so far hands down. look at the facts jack. rock trends world wide. kung pow bitch. cenas missing balls. all trending worldwide.

    and what rock said, every bit of it is true. the most exciting thing cena has done is change his shorts. if your backing cena then your either 10 years old and dont know who the rock is or you lead a sad life


  • John

    BTW there are 2 different Johns here. My comment was the earlier one.

  • jayyyyy

    lol …love how all the cena’s kung pow bitches came out from the hiding and defending him hahaha lol

  • Bruno

    People ate actually trying to defend the rock. Cena won on that promo yesterday

  • John

    @Nicolas G

    ” I see Cena walking out of Wrestlmania the winner. Why because the Rock has not been in the ring for a long time forget the tag team match they had back at Surivor Series. John Cena still got way more years in the ring than the Rock has right now. I also think the feud with Kane has help Cena dealing with the Rock.”

    What does any of this have to do with anything? The winner is determined by whatever the script says on the day of WM, not who has or hasn’t wrestled recently or who and who hasn’t feuded with Kane recently.

  • Jon


    That’s definitely possible, however, if Rock really did just have notes written on his wrist, then Cena called him out and got the better of him. I agree though, I highly doubt Rock would’ve made it that obvious if it were for real. Cena is so gonna go over on Rock at Mania, that’s more than obvious. If not, then they’ll have a rematch at Mania 29.

  • Simon

    Anyone figured he had things written down on his arm so that Cena could make that remark about it? It plays to what Cena said a few weeks back. Why would the Rock make it so obvious? Of course the company doesnt want their top guy to look weak or come out looking bad for all of this. And throughout this “rivalry”, Rock got the better of Cena, so of course to make it all not so one sided, the company asks the Rock to do that to give Cena a bit of leverage, add to the fued ect.

    Just food for thought.

  • Gorilla

    Hey Dwayne I know you we all know you ten years ago you got booed out of skydome after Hogan jobed to you and you cried like a 13 yr. Old girl. Cuz. Nobody wanted see you and you didn’t leave us for Hollywood we got tired of you and just before we were about get sick of you You left yeah we know you Dwayne you brahma bitch lol BRAHMA BITCH NOW TRENDING LOL but we see you Dwayne coming back acting like we missed you yeah as much as I miss the spirit squad

  • Gorilla

    Hey dwayne you still pissed cuz you couldn’t rise above Austin’s nuts and you’ll always be 2nd place to Austin now suck on that you Brahma bitch

  • Nicholas G

    I don’t think this will be the last that Cena gets the best of the Rock. I see Cena walking out of Wrestlmania the winner. Why because the Rock has not been in the ring for a long time forget the tag team match they had back at Surivor Series. John Cena still got way more years in the ring than the Rock has right now. I also think the feud with Kane has help Cena dealing with the Rock. If Cena can keep this new style with him after Wrestlmania is over I see Cena getting much better to watch. I still like The Rock but to me Cena maybe the better of the two right now. Oh I think that was really good how Cena pointed out that the Rock had his promos written on his arm good job Cena.

  • Stone Cold Truth

    CC your a blind hater. GTFO. Im a Rock fan but even I think last night’s promo was weaker than usual.

  • John

    Hate to say it guys but Cena got the better of The Rock last night. Cena actually called him out on something legit (notes written on his wrist) and made Rock look like the real phoney. While The Rock was reduced to childish name calling. Last year The Rock definatly got the better of Cena in their war of words but for the last 2 weeks Cena has come off looking stronger.

    And I know Im gonna get dislikes for this but Im being objective. You don’t have to pick a side and either be a “10 year-old Cena fan” or a “Rock mark living in the past”.

  • CC

    @Tina. Which promo were you watching, cause Cena owned nobody. It was the same old shit he says everytime. Nothing new or interesting.
    Crowd reaction alone showed who owned who, and it wasnt the man wearing kiddie shorts.

  • I don’t know but I have a feeling rock is going to end up heel at the end of all this

  • D2K

    So now The Rock has gone from calling John Cena names to calling the people that like him names? What a fiasco this guy is.

  • Really

    The only reason The Rock was ripping the fans is becuase some of them booed him and not worshiping the group he walks on. Or its his time of the month and he is the one who is a KungPauBitch

  • JD

    Okay, where’s the video of Rock ripping on Cena? The only one I can find is him talking about Portland.

  • Allen

    Why would Long book Eve vs Beth? They are both heels. Cutting it kind of close starting new feuds this soon to WrestleMania.

  • Tina

    @Albert — I agree, but apparently its supposed to be the dark match. I’d like to see Kharma vs Beth vs Nattie for the title actually be on the program, or even just Kharma vs Beth. Those three are worthy of being on the paid program. I like Tamina too (yes she’s green, but at least she’s willing to learn), and Alicia is growing on me as well; I dislike her character, but I like that she’s willing to learn in the ring too.

  • xXx

    teddy long books eve vs beth, eve wins title, starts feud with kelly, kelly vs eve wm28.. please let us have beth vs natalya or kong

  • Tina

    Aw, what’s wrong Dwayne? Didn’t like getting owned during your own promo? Probably didn’t realize they had that planned for you eh? Probably thought you’d just walk right in, spout shit, and then leave until you showed up in Miami for the match. Its kinda sad how low he had to sink last night to get a reaction. Even some of my friends that are Rock fans even thought his promo was pretty pathetic, and that he got owned by Cena.

    The sad thing is that this really could have been an amazing feud if Dwayne had put half the effort into it that he does trying to make things trend.

  • Albert

    I just want WWE to announce a Divas match for WM … thats all