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The Rock & John Cena Comment on WM 28, Taker vs. Triple H Rematch?

– Before their WrestleMania 27 match even happened this past Sunday, sources report that WWE officials were discussing a Triple H vs. The Undertaker rematch for WrestleMania 28 in 2012 from Miami, Florida.

Based on what went down on RAW last night and Triple H saying he would be waiting when Taker returned, it looks like they are indeed planning a big rematch.

– Regarding what happened on RAW last night and their big match at WrestleMania 27, The Rock and John Cena wrote the following on Twitter last night:

Cena: “CeNation. I truly can not believe what happened tonight. Only in the WWE. WM 28. HERE WE COME!”

Rock: “TEAM BRING IT – Wrestlemania 28 Miami, FL. – The People’s Champ…The People’s City…The People’s Wrestlemania. IT’S OUR TIME..”

Partial source:

  • Steve

    the streak itself is a living breathing thing in the show now aint it? Have someone really strong come up and be the representative as his mirror image.

  • Steve

    The only thing he should have left to do is to defeat the streak he created.

  • Bill

    TG is right about Randy Orton, but I could substitute him with CM Punk or Chris Jericho. At WM 28, Undertaker beats one of them & goes 20-0. Then he takes a break through WM 29, & returns to face one of the other 2 guys of the 3 I said earlier at WM 20, & LOSES in a fantastic match, to go 20-1. Undertaker then sits up one last time to Tombstone the guy, then everybody comes out & gives a legitimate farewell to the Undertaker(heels celebrate, too). The lights go out & pyro technics turn on, & the show ends. I’m a huge Undertaker fan, but I think this would be the best way to close the book on his legendary career.

  • Ryan

    taker offered the streak to kane at mania 15 and he said no what makes you think he’s gunna say yes now?

  • jason

    hers what i would do Undertaker vs Kane WM 28 and Kane to end the streak BOOK THAT

  • keith learmonth

    CM Punk, Jericho, Del Rio, Morrison, Mysterio, Sheamus, Miz, Barrett. All current or former main event stars… well, to be fair, morrison isn’t there yet, but will be by next WM… And none of them have faced ‘taker at WM before. Del Rio, Morrison, Sheamus, Miz, and Barrett have never faced him at all, to my knowledge.

    Any of them would be good.

  • Ozzy

    If Triple H and Taker wrestle again, I hope it’s at Summerslam or at the Hell in the Cell PPV. Face it, HHH & Taker are the two wrestlers who have competed and dominated the most at Hell in the Cell matches, yet, they never faced each other one on one in a HITC match. THey’ve faced the same opponents in HBK, Batista, Foley in the HITC but never each other.

  • jim

    all the hype with the cena vs rock feud only for them to announce a match for a year from now.and end up shaking hands and being friend lmao what a joke.wwe drops the ball again.

  • David

    Austin said he would, “be there” to HHH, so apparently he’s going to be a special ref.
    The only thing that would make it worth watching again at WM28 is in HIAC w/ Austin as the ref.

  • nick

    If he booked right by then, it should go to Cody “Dr Doom” Rhodes, or the other candidate is VKMs favorite Drew McIntyre

  • TG

    Eh it wasn’t that really because Triple H and The Undertaker worked almost the entire feud between the two of them with little even work from the creative team. The result of who would win was kept secret between few, so the commentaries were indeed doing there job but genuinely thought the streak was in jeopardy not just sounding good.

  • L

    Hmm.. maybe they mentioned those things on commentary to make people believe that the streak is in jeopardy? You know, like a GOOD commentator does.

    Makes no sense for the streak to end now. 20-0, retire. BOOK THAT.

  • TG

    The Undertaker will no doubtly be seen as the greatest of all-time once he gets inducted to the Hall of Fame surpassing Shawn Michaels. Taker doesn’t need “The Streak” anymore he legeacy is by far cemented like Triple H said. He has accomplish a feat and will go down in history for other things too. We learned two things at Wrestlemania: JR and King keep stating “it has to end sometime…” and “everything doesn’t last forever” WWE wouldn’t allow them to make the claim if they didn’t plan on ending it soon. Now it takes someone with a “ruthless” characther to break it or come close. My intial options were Randy Orton and The Miz in that order. Randy Orton fits the role perfect maybe in a title or legend killer match. Because Miz will turn face by the and probably win the Royal Rumber.

    Orton vs Taker Wrestlemania 28 -BOOK IT

  • hodgieguy

    The match I would love to see at WM 28 is Undertaker Vs Randy Orton

  • Dwayne

    …or Taker vs Cole with HHH in his corner. Streak vs Streak

  • Eric

    This would be like the third time Taker & HHH faced each other at Wrestlemania.

  • nolan

    we all know it should be punk vs taker at wm28.

  • dan

    i love how everyone moans but if it was like barret vs taker everyone would be like omg barret is crap he doesnt deserve it… stop fucking moaning people and just enjoy the matches set up jesus its pathetic

  • T

    Taker should have one final match at next years Mania in a 4-man Hell in a Cell match against Kane, Big Show and Sheamus and have him win it. After that have the lights turn off and when they come back on there is just a bunch of smoke in the ring with a tombstone that reads R.I.P Undertaker 1991-2012 there Taker is retired. He goes out 20-0

    If he wants to thank the fans or whatever next night on Raw he just appears as himself and goes out in glory.

  • CC

    @RKO. Who thought the HBK match would be bad? all people were worried about was that it wouldnt live up to the first match, which it didnt.

  • Lost in Space


    Yeah but before that he said I had never faced him before. He knew he was lying. Why cant these mother fuckers keep to the truth.
    And my problem is they feuds that lead up to mania are like 3 or 4 months. Back in the day it was 6 + months. It seem like now the go oh shit and through something together and hope it works. Bad writing and bad planning. But you get the same shitty outcome. This time around it had to be one of the worst if not THE worst.,

  • Dave

    You’re absolutely right. And that’s definitely a good thing.

    I agree it shouldn’t happen. It would be the third time they’ve wrestled at Mania. I’d rather just see someone else, because we know it won’t be a great match, and we know Taker will win.

  • TG

    Im happy Triple H brought up he faced Undertaker before at Wreslemania last night. I think they will let things play out more but the rematch at Wrestlemania shouldn’t happen it would really make it seem the two are just moving in the circle.

  • member of team bring it

    how about a hhh/hbk (dx 1 night only/hbk out of retirement) vs taker/kane (brothers of destruction) tag team match a wm28?

  • peep it

    The rematch is just not a good idea. HHH is an office rat. Taker is hanging on via a wheel chair. He should have a last match beat who ever and retire. Thats his place in history.
    That match was absolute shit. With a horrible finish. Rematch lord save us all.

  • Dave

    So we already know 2 matches for next year’s Wrestlemania a year in advance. Interesting. I just don’t feel that Taker can put on a good enough match anymore to make HHH/Taker 2 any good. The first one was pretty good, but that looked like all Taker could handle. I’d rather just see him face someone else, because we all know he’ll win anyway. Just give someone else a shot.

  • RKOmonster

    you guys should all really just chill and let it roll out. we all thought the rematch with taker and hbk would be bad, but it damn well was a five star match.

  • CC

    If WWE go with Taker vs HHH at WM28 it will be ridiculous as it will just come across as a rehash of the Taker/HBK storline.
    Also, by having Taker face HBK/HBK/HHH/HHH over four years, its basically saying that nobody else on the roster is worthy of getting the rub of working with Taker for the streak.
    Simple fact is, while most people expect Taker to win, by having someone go toe to toe with him and look like they might have a shot as Orton did a few years ago, it helps push them no end.

  • chandler

    Enough. Rock/Cena should be sooner (summerslam) and for the love of everything CENA/TAKER WM has been LONG overdue!!!!!!!

  • brandon fugate

    one more time but this time the undertaker streak vs hhh wrestling

  • keith learmonth

    It wouldn’t make any sense at all for HHH to face him again now, though.
    He was facing him, because he thought it was time. Thought he was done. On Raw, he clearly admitted that he thinks the exact opposite now. That he will come back. That he’s -not- done.

    I mean, if you’re going to believe everything you hear, or speculate, without regard to important facts, guys, I have a story for you, from a “WWE Insider”.
    WWE is planning on Sin Cara losing a mask vs mask match to Rey Mysterio, and being revealed as Sting.

  • Name

    As much as Taker-HHH match was amazing at WM we DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT AGAINT AT WM28! WE WANT SOMETHING NEW WITH THE STREAK!

  • Evil Doink

    Or maybe they were tweeting about their “big match” at Wrestlemania 28, depending on how you look at it…