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- Diva-Dirt reports that former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro told a fan at the first DivaMania event this past Saturday that she has a new reality TV of some sort coming out this Fall on FOX.

- John Cena noted on Twitter that he was cut open on last night’s RAW after being scratched by The Miz. Regarding last night’s show, Cena wrote:

“CeNation. Fear in the eyes of the miz tonite. He now knows WM will not be a Gimmie. Rock at Raw next mon live. Do not miss it. Yes miz tried to scratch me. A tactic uses mostly in cat fights. icon smile The Rock and John Cena Hype Up RAW, Former Diva Getting a Show on FOX? he was given a haymaker for his efforts. Then he ran. Dauwsh.”

- The Rock wrote the following on his Twitter last night about the show and next week’s RAW:

“Great ending on RAW tonight….I promise RAW in CHICAGO next week will be electrified like you haven’t seen in years…in years.”

  • Joe Piscapo

    Who will throw the first punch?!

  • A Rock Fan

    This whole thing with Rock promos from home kind of killed some of the buzz for me about the whole angle. I know he has commitments but damn you mean he’s been booked every monday night for the past month?

  • 2ratedrko2

    In years…..because Cena can’t carry a brand

  • The Alex

    ….AND THE ROCK MEANS…in years…

  • ‘bill sucks’ sucks!

    @mr. Ass. I’m glad your comments get you going, since nobody pays attention to them.

  • TG

    @CiB Yea your right but still kinda considered a innovation to the WWE title if you will. So if was willing to pull that off only 2 weeks before Wrestlemania, Miz will most likely walk out victorious. Just think bout how Edge changed it to the R-Rated belt his next title defense was successful.

  • Mr. Ass

    I’d fuck Tiffany so hard, & it be hot, steamy, wet, & nasty. U losers jerk off thinkin about this stuff, losers.

  • CiB


    It’s not a new title. They’ve just taken the old one and changed the position the spinny thing is locked in (as it no longer spins)

    I was gutted that it wasn’t a new title belt, because the current one is a disgrace.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    I smell an Attitude Adjustment for the Great One next week on RAW.

  • SusyRKO

    @shawn hahahahha nice one

  • Nick

    The girl above is former WWE Diva Tiffany, ( Tayrn Tarell) if that helps :)

  • TG

    The Miz vs John Cena matchup is oddly being built but I honestly feel it will be an interesting plot twist in the match. This could help edge the fans/viewers a bit before the Undertaker vs Triple H match saying anything can really happen. At first I was thinking what we all wanted and needed and that is Cena turning heel. That won’t be the case the fact The Miz was giving this new title almost gurantees he will walk out of WrestleMania with it….WWE has there moments but wouldn’t waste a change like that. Folks don’t sleep on The Rock somehow costing Cena the win where intentional or not.

  • http://Wwe Ukmade

    Someone tell me who the girl in the green skirt above is? I need to hit 1 up

  • M.C.

    I hate how cena called miz & Riley jack wagons before he came out to attack….. no, that’s to violent for WWE. He came to rough them up….. No, wait. GLAAD is gonna get mad. You guys understand what I’m saying, right?

  • blue4everd

    good one shawn! =D

  • The Great One

    God i hope that rock puts his boot in cenas candy ass next week, then he will maybe learn that dauwsh isnt a freaking word

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    “In years…In Years” 7 to be exact, right rock?

  • shawn

    cena decided to imitate a disney character but thought better of it and replaced the letter g with d in the word “gawrsh”. “gawrsh mickey hyuck”.

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