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The Rock and John Cena to Team Up at Survivor Series?

– The Rock announced today on Facebook that he and John Cena will be joining forces at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Rock wrote the following with the image below:

“I’m not waiting til Wrestlemania 28…

I’m coming to Survivor Series in November and ELECTRIFYING New York City like never before!


  • Jo

    The Rock and John Cena teaming up? should be interesting

  • JohnCena33

    @ d and @ sean money
    Both of you have to remember that there is still 2 pay per views where punk can apply for his rematch. Even then, HHH said that there would be one match to decide #1 contender for championship. Cena d. Punk, so technically Punk doesn’t even get a rematch. Remember a prediction is a guess. But still, I think Punk and Del Rio will get screwed over and then join forces.

  • The Great One


    He has wrestled, just nbot on TV. Rocky has a wrestling ring at his house and uses it often to workout, so I bet he wrestles a *match* two ro three times a week, just behind closed doors.

  • Why don’t you all quit jumping to conclusions and just WAIT AND SEE how this develops?

  • Trixie

    His mother is Samoan, his father is African-american. Well, actually, African-Canadian.

    Anyway, I was kind of hoping for his first match back to be at mania, too. But then again, if he doesn’t have a match before that, that match may suck considering he hasn’t wrestled in years.

  • This is stupid because now The Rock and Super Cena will join against near random opponents. THere is no common goal here, they are just teaming up for some reason. Its not a big deal for any reason other its a big deal. THis is the same reason the Punk-HHH rushed match is crap.

  • Cardiff Wanderer


    A look into the problems the WWE has with their title belts becoming meaningless and how they can study the UFC to make intelligent changes to help the product.

  • Bawb

    They are definitely gonna fuck up at SS because of miscommunication. Should be interesting to watch.

  • Sean Mooney

    Why would Punk screw himself out of the title and his rematch? It doesn’t make any sense, he could take over WWE while being champion too. Punk said, “somebody wants Berto to be champion”. I can not think of any logical reason why he would be that person. I expect a HHH heel turn over a Punk heel turn.

  • d

    @ johncena33 they can’t turn punk heel right now and what about punk/triple h fued

  • JohnCena33

    After Night of champions well know the true match. I think its going to be a battle for the WWE. At night of champions Punk, Nash, Del Rio and Lauranitis will take over the WWE. Then it will be Cena to the rescue. Cena is probably going to be getting a gang beating during a RAW show, then Rock comes and saves the day. He says it is the only way for the Cena vs Rock match to happen if they team up and regain control of the WWE. My prediction- Nash, Punk, and Del Rio vs Cena, Rock and HHH in which is sure to be a very interesting story to follow.

  • Edo. Risk

    @WWWYKI. I think he was born in california, then lived and grew up in Florida… his roots (mother and Grandfather) are samoans (Great Chief Peter Maivia).

    @Tyler and “Great One”. Thanks for your corsdial invitation to read the poster. It dosent show in my computer, but just saw it in another page. Thanks!

  • Rucdogg

    Rock is Half samoan half black, yall have seen his mom and dad right?


    actually the rock is samoan…

  • Prince

    Probably Rock, Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Punk vs. ADR, Christian, Mark Henry, Miz, and Truth or something like that.

  • Prince

    Looks like they’ll be in a traditional SS elimination match, which makes sense I guess. Faces vs. Heels or maybe Raw vs SD.

  • JOE

    @pig its AFRICAN-American smh

  • Edo. read the poster, fool.

  • The Great One

    @edo.risk ARe you serious? it says it on the damn poster

  • Edo. Risk

    I dont get where in the statmet “I’m not waiting til Wrestlemania 28… I’m coming to Survivor Series in November and ELECTRIFYING New York City like never before! TEAM BRING IT – BOOTS TO ASSES.” does it says that they are teming up.

    It can work against MIZ and Truth who are way to big to go down to the Tag Divition. I was hoping more of a Team Bring It vs. Cenation! with both guys at the corners. But i think Rock sould not wretle until WM, he should show up thoug.

  • Pig


    You need glasses son. The only commonality is bald heads and goatees.
    In case you havent noticed Goldberg is caucasian and the Rock has a tinge of Afroamerican in him.

  • me

    rock looks like goldberg in that picture.

  • Jimbo

    Great….so what are they joining forces against? Is CM Punk the one turning heel? That’s it, isn’t it? CM Punk was in cahoots with Nash all along instead and creates a super-evil, unstoppable heel stable with plans to take over….and the WWE has only one hope: John Cena. Great. Fantastic. Awesome.

  • Tony A.

    I was hoping they would save Rock’s in-ring return for Mania.. My guess is Cena & Rock will face Miz & Truth for the tag tiles.

  • Sean Mooney

    Assuming it’s not a traditional Survivor Series match (in which case I hope it isn’t if they’re on the same team).

    Maybe against Miz/R-Truth for the tag titles (which I expect them to win this Sunday)? It would make some sense since Rock/Miz had their altercations earlier in the year, while Truth had his feud with Cena and the little Jimmy’s.

    Although, that would either mean Rock/Cena don’t win the titles
    (assuming Miz/Truth have them) or Rock conceivably goes months without defending them which wouldn’t be too surprising. It’d be great if Miz/Truth went over with Rock screwing over Cena at the end of the match.

  • JIR

    Its obvious The Rock is in great shape but is he ring ready and the ring rust he must have thats why he will team with Cena and company @ Survivor Series

  • Hunter

    Love it- like the old days when they built long term feuds and future opponents would headline main events in tag matches. Seem to remember no way out being a good one for it?

    Stan- get on it!

  • venom

    Having them team up like this is a good idea. Who would they be wrestling???? I remember The Corre attacking these two the night after Wrestlemania, but that group isn’t around anymore.

  • simon07

    Oooo, i can’t wait for Survivor Series now!

  • mark

    Just be happy to see him back in the ring wrestling no matter what match it is

  • D2K

    I guess this is a plausible reason for The Rock to be in the ring before Wrestlemania. Kinda like Hogan and Warrior teaming up in a Saturday Night’s Main Event match before WMVI, or Austin and Undertaker as tag-team champions before SummerSlam ’98. Works for me.

  • The Great One


    Cant wait to see Rocky in the ring again, but I dont know, bitersweet perhaps as I wanted his first match back to be vs Cena not with him.

    Its weird the way Rocks already announcing it, i thought they would save that announcement for a RAW