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Rock Has A Message For Punk, Cena Added To SmackDown Event, More

– The Rock posted the following message towards WWE Champion CM Punk on Twitter.

“C.M. Punk, just making sure you’re eating all your veggies. We need you healthy when I find you. #UGettinAJollyGreenAssKickin.”

– Matt Hardy defeated Kevin Matthews to win the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Heavyweight Championship at PWS’ event in Rahway, NJ last night.

– John Cena has been added to the Smackdown TV taping on November 20 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. WWE is not listing Cena on their official listing, but MLive reported that Cena has been added to local advertising.

“His name on the playbill is now the headline over all others in attendance which includes Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show. Cody Rhodes, Kane, and Antonio Cesaro are others appearing at the show starting at 7:00 p.m.”

  • JohnCena33

    That’s an idea! Agree!

  • the v

    My opinion is to get character wrestlers, and larger than life wrestlers. E.g ultimate warrior, undertaker, hulk hogan, umaga, macho man, sting, stone cold, the list goes on. Today we are inundated with boring wrestlers and stupidly long title reigns which has put me off watching Raw lately. As for Kane’s character, compare him today to the he was 10 years ago, theyve really damaged a good character’s image.

  • JohnCena33

    Whats your opinion then if your going to “reach out our opinion”

  • YouDeserve

    @JohnCena33 come on I love the wwe as much as the next guy but you cannot deny how terrible the product has gotten. And saying for us to think of storylines is not our job, it’s the writers jobs in the wwe to make exciting television and when they don’t deliver, us, the dying fans are going to reach out our opinion.

  • JohnCena33

    You people whine and moan so much, how about you think of a story line and post it here if you people think you know what is so good and so bad about the WWE!

  • paul s

    Stevie p, u fucking nailed it. Also playing wwe 13 and just the angles attitudes of the talent back in the day was amazing. Writers rely too much on cena these days, prob due to the fact that kids want ALL his merxhandise and that means every live event is full of sales for cena tshirts, assorted wristbands and caps. All adds up.

  • Stevie P


    Then there is what I call the Cena storyline. Cena comes out for a promo after a PPV. He makes comments about the local sports team for a cheap pop with the crowd. Then mid-sentence he’s confronted by a new heel, ready to be buried. They talk to each other then the GM of Raw comes out and makes some tag team match later in the night paired with another feud that will happen with the next PPV. For the next couple of weeks we will have more promos where Cena will say he’s the “underdog” and we’ll have a couple matches where Cena usually ends up beat up from a cheap shot from the heel as we fade to black. Then the PPV comes where the heel does 90% of the offense only for Cena to do his 5 moves of doom for the win.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • Jimbo

    There’s no animosity in feuds anymore.

    Today’s feuds are: #1 Contender beats the champion, the champion gets all angry and tries to win his title back. Ooooooooo, great TV!

    WWE can still come up with good writing once in awhile. They had it right with the Summer’s Punk/Bryan/AJ angle.

  • Bastion Booger

    Just finished reading Bret Harts book and it was great. It reminded me how great the story lines used to be and also how great the wrestlers used to be. I wish Bret was still healthy would love to see the Hitman vs Punk or Hitman vs Angle those would have been amazing match ups

  • mtlhitman

    I totaly agree with all of you guys,today product is a total mess back in the days wrestling was awesome and then attitude era came it was more then amazing then ruthless agression was so so but today it’s’weird so different nothing original,wrestlers gimmicks suck’s’and pg doesn’t help at all.Im still watching it and still enjoy some feud or match up but overals im still asking myself why oh why it as drop so low it is sad (rock and flair coming back soon is very good news for the ratings lol)

  • scooter

    A lack of good original ideas happened. Thats the answer.

  • Baz

    Yeah well said allo, I’ve been enjoying WWE 13 as well but find its a good reminder why I stopped watching WWE full time about 8 years ago, boring characters, stale story lines and the product in general is poor.

  • allo

    Just playing through wwe 13 and remembering how good wrestling was corporate rock Austin mankind dx Kane taker then I turn on wwe now and think what the hell happened!