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The Rock Says The Miz Has His Attention, Sunny Comments on HOF, More

– Below are some tweets from The Rock, Steve Austin, Sunny and others following last night’s WWE RAW in Dallas, Texas:

Steve Austin on his return: “Drank a few cold ones…time to hit the hay. Fly back to L.A. tomorrow for TE. Opened one can of Whoop Ass…I have 5 left….WrestleMania.”

“Just ate a can of Whoop Ass for breakfast. Gotta fly back to LA for TE. Had a great time on RAW last night.”

The Rock on The Miz: “The Miz…you want my attention…well now you got it…champ.”

Trish Stratus on her match with Vickie Guerrero: “Guess what’ll be the 1st thing in my suitcase when i pack 4 #raw? Do u think @excusemewwe would like sum stratusfaction or a chick kick? ~T”

Trish Stratus on Sunny in the Hall of Fame: “Happy to hear about @sunnywwe being inducted into #WWE #HOF- congrats! ~T”

Sunny on being inducted: “Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory comments….HOF 2011 will be amazing!!”

  • Danarchy

    Rock will be named special enforcer…. ref will be knocked out, miz and cena will be on the mat, rock will look like he will do peoples elbow 2 cena but hit miz, cena will cover miz, ref will count, rock hands Cena title and raises his hand…. Sucks but that’s what will happen!!!!

  • gargoylerich

    No, they’ll have the Rock turn heel and cost Cena the title. No, wait, that would make sense. Damn, never mind.

  • magdal

    Don’t know if you’re right BIGG EZ but they need to do something…This Wrestlemania card sucks, it’s just another Raw show that’s all, No MITB match, no Hell in a Cell nothing…


    Is it me, or does it feel like WWE is going to make Miz drop the belt to Cena, turn Cena heel and they BOTH go after Rock??

    What do y’all think??

    Holla at your boy!!!


    Not for nothing but how can you have SUNNY in the HOF but not MRS.Elizabeth?

  • Buttercastle

    I wonder if he literally ate the can? No wonder he’s in such great shape all he does is eat cans!