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The Rock Responds to Backstage Resentment, Poster for WWE Studios’ Film

– Here is the official poster for WWE Studios’ The Call, which stars Halle Berry and features David Otunga.

WWE Studios  The Call Poster

– The Rock responded to recent reports that there is resentment backstage with his return, writing on Twitter,”Well said. Great to see so many guys backstage understand that what’s best for business is best for everyone. Especially the fans.”

  • Matt Trovato

    What’s the difference if Punk or Rock is holding the title? Punk defended the title once a month, what difference is it who does that instead? We spent a year and a little watching the same guy walk to the ring as champion and walk back up the ramp as champion. You guys are getting upset as if you didn’t know that these matches are all storyline and planned out.

    It’s not like Vince went “ok Punk even though Rock would never be able to beat you in real life, we are gunna have you drop the belt to him for smart business.”

    I love wrestling, it’s one of the few things I even turn my tv on for, but do you really think I believe that someone who’s half the size of their opponent would be able to beat him legit? Or someone who wrestles once a year, takes almost a full year to recover, and can still actually beat a guy still in his prime? Or that someone could spend 95% of a match getting their ass handed to them only to pull off one move and win? If it was real, nobody who would be considered a cruiserweight would be able to beat anyone bigger than them. It’s all show business.

  • disqus_k0NZ5c2tI7

    Yeah makes no sense as to why the biggest multi media star the wwe ever made is hold the title. Realize that we as fans have to let outside people in on “our” sport for it to properly grow and the rock is the perfect person to bring in new people. he has a movie that appeals to every range of fan. planet 51-kids faster-adults southland tales-hipsters whatever but rock having the belt is a good thing. punks reign is not rubbed out its in the record books. And for people saying hes taking spots just shut it. Are you mad at brodus for his dancing mamas taking what could have been a match spot at mania? WWe has dropped the ball on talent way before the rock showed up again. You want to point and scream at a sellout theres lesnar. He told his mma fans wrestling was fake and crap till he needed it to stay relevant. Punk had to lose at some time before his reign was boring.IT could have been cena or the biggest attraction they had in years the crowd at rumble and raw the next night didnt sound too pissed.

  • D2K

    For a change, I couldn’t agree more with The Rock. Guys backstage do indeed understand what’s best for business is best for everyone, including the fans. Which is why they are pissed that a movie star is standing there with the WWE Championship. Which is why they are pissed that a title reign of 400+ days is rubbed out to a guy that will be gone again in a few months. Which is why they are pissed that yet again a movie star is taking a main event spot from someone whom actually is a ‘wrestler’ and stunt the growth of the talent on the EVERYDAY roster by not allowing them to have the opportunities that HE got.

    Losing to Cena at WM doesn’t matter because the so-called ‘torch’ was already passed years ago by HBK to Cena. Losing to Punk wouldn’t matter because he never should have beat Punk for the title in the first place. Losing it back does fix that mistake. I’d rather see Brock Lesnar have the title. At least he’s guaranteed 10 days a year.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Yes. You promoting a movie is good for business Rock. This idiot is out of his mind.