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The Rock “Returning To Action” At Survivor Series, Kevin Nash Dieting For Movie

— Advertisements in the New York City area for tickets to the Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden are vaguely centered on The Rock “returning to action” for the first time in “eight years” alongside John Cena.

The Rock last competed in March 2004 at Wrestlemania XX, where he and Mick Foley lost a Handicap Match to Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair.

— Kevin Nash stated on his Twitter account today that he is on a no carbohydrate diet for a movie he is set to appear in this month. He enclosed a photo of his physique change thus far.

Kevin Nash

— Former WWE developmental wrestler Derrick Neikirk turns 37 years old today. He worked a dark match against Johnny Curtis in July but was not hired.


  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ Doubt it will happen but that could be interesting. They might even call it team “Bring it”. LMAO!

  • venom

    I think it will be Team Cena vs Team Corperation. Orton, Cena, Rock, and Punk vs Del Rio, HHH, Nash, and Miz.

  • StudDog

    sammy: Duh it was a joke goober head, Probably know a whole lot more about the rock, and wrestling as far as that goes than you ever will.

    Marky Mark: Who in the blue hell is Pimp Daddy Cool?
    Cant deal with “it” cause Cena has not brought “it” and when he finally does the Rock wants “it”. LOL

  • Pimp Daddy Cool, will fuck your fat 200lbs girlfriend, and then sleep with a stripper he picked up at Scores in NY, while simultaneously burying your favorite “hip” worker, you only started jocking 3 months ago.


  • sammy

    studDog is a real jabroni.u should watch tom and jerry if u don’t know about the rock.

  • StudDog

    Rock returning to action? Yeah right, He will come out and ask us about some strange oder coming from his kitchen, Make a few fruity pebbles jokes(guess he dont know any about cocoa pebbles) then tell Cena to “bring it” Whatever the heck “it” is. Whatever “it” is Cena must have left it at home cause he never seems to have “it” with him. And Rock seems to want “it very bad, Maybe he should just go get his own “it”.

  • shawn

    ill never lose my shape also man, never.

  • JipC

    Agree Bawb, i dont remember him ever being this bad on the mic. In his nitro days, he was more entertaining just talking than anyone not name Rock or Austin. I remember him sayin in 04′ that the WWE creative team just wanted him to be a big scary heel that didnt talk much when he went back to WWE in 2002 n 2003. Maybe that has something to do with it

  • MrDr3w

    Granddaddy Cool is 52-years old…

  • Ronni

    Return of the Super Shredder??

  • Bawb

    Why does he talk so slowly these days? Am I the only one who notices that? It makes him look and sound like he’s aging.

  • Jason

    Great shape too bad his knees are shot.