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The Rock Reveals Poster for New Film, AJ Talks Ziggler Storyline, Santino’s Latest

– AJ Lee recently discussed her currently storyline with Dolph Ziggler during an interview with The Detroit News.

“Every time a chapter closes, I keep thinking it’s over,” said Lee. “I’m grateful and prepared for it to be the end of the road, and for me to disappear or something. But I don’t, and then something really cool happens. So I’m going to keep that attitude, because it seems to be working.”

– The Rock recently posted the promotional poster for his upcoming Snitch film on Facebook. You can check it out below.

Cover Photo for The Rock s Snitch Film

– Embedded below is the latest episode of Santino’s Foreign Exchange, featuring Yoshi Claus.

  • Lord KGM

    The Rock needs to fully quit wrestling and stick to acting. This is just as bad as old ass rappers saying theyre gonna make a comeback! LL Cool J making a comeback album is like The Rock returning to wrestling! No one gives a shit about ur comeback except for a few fans. Undertaker is another guy that I believe recieves WAY too much down time to get the kinda check he does after the bright lights of Wrestlemania dawn off. I love wrestling too much to see it come to old ass legends who wanna create a buzz for their future ventures through the squared circle. Speaking of Cena, when is Orton gonna be in a STARRING role in a feature film? I believe hes a better actor than both Cena and Rock. RKOs heel turn is NEEDED asap! Peace Lord KGM

  • Ahhh

    Cena had good movies…? are you serious?

    O yeah Cena’s been in movies when Vince is paying for them.

    Comparing Cena to the Rock is laughable.

    Name me one wrestler who left wrestling in his prime and went on to bigger and better things outside of wrestling?

    You can only name one and that’s the Rock, he isn’t stuck in wrestling like 99% of the rest.

    The Rock left in wrestling in his prime and the sad reality if for all you Rock haters out there The rock don’t need wrestling wrestling needs The Rock because people like Cmpunk and Cena don’t draw big crowds that’s why at every WM Rock Undertaker and HHH have to come back because the new guys cant cut the mustard.

  • JohnCena33
    Also why would I be jealous of a wrestler, I am not, maybe your jealous of people. I could give 2 s**** what movies rock has starred in. I am just saying most are bad, guess you have a problem with somebody not liking what you like.

  • JohnCena33

    Rocks good moveis where he has had a full time roll
    Scorpion King
    Walking Tall
    The rest are as Rock would like to say hot garbage

    Cenas good movies where he has had a full time roll
    The Marine
    12 Rounds
    The rest are actually good.

  • Logan I’m saying he’s coming out with a lot of movies like Nicolas Cage comes out with a lot of stuff. The Rundown is one of my favorite movies. It’s great he’s finding success outside the ring. No bitterness that he acts more than he wrestles. I don’t want to see him bumping while in is 60s.

    BTW fuck Cena’s movies I tried to watch The Marine and it put me to sleep.

  • kennedyniles

    Off-topic, but …


  • My Morning Jacket

    ^^^^^^Dude I support Rock.


    ^^^^^dude do U have any idea that almost all rocky’s movies have been hit… I think U are jealous of the fact that all movies of Cena have flopped at the box office…//////

  • Logan

    Rock’s starting to remind me of Nicolas Cage, coming out with a movie almost every other month! Glad it’s workin’ out for him.

  • JohnCena33

    Rock should stop filming bad movies and wrestle full time.

  • Tyler

    Santino Marella 2013 Elimination Chamber Winner