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The Rock To Make ‘Special Announcement’, Cole Says He’s “Mr. WrestleMania”

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is teasing an announcement for Raw tonight.

“Team Bring It – I have a very special announcement tonight on Raw,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “The People’s Champ to The People.”

WWE is advertising The Rock to interact with WWE Champion The Miz and John Cena after his role in the finish of their match at WrestleMania XXVII.

— DirecTV’s feed of last night’s WrestleMania XXVII pay-per-view event halted during the Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole match.

— In the following video on, Michael Cole proclaims himself the new “Mr. WrestleMania” after his victory over Jerry Lawler last night at WrestleMania XXVII.

  • someone

    @Kevin Yes, he has said it, he doesn’t like to refer to WWE as a wrestling company…

  • Assassino

    oh well coles wrestling was better than cenas 😉

  • Karl

    Cole gets ratings because people are watching in the hopes he gets the holy hell beaten out of him. The longer that doesn’t happen, the more likely people are going to get pissed off and change the channel.

    For me, it’s tonight: Coles gets taken out in an ambulance on RAW tonight or I stop watching.

  • slim2.0

    The Rock is going to announce Mae Young tried his strudel.

  • Kevin

    Look you guys listen too everything these sites say!!!! I have never heard Vince say he doesnt like the term Wrestling….. Have you?

  • Dannl

    Rock says he wants in on call of duty movie…probably his big surpise tonight…a new movie.

  • Dannl

    I want to see awesome kong whoop Cenas ass. They could even do a lil love triangle with Cena, awesome kong and the miz.

  • kannon

    I’m tuning in to see Sin Cara. I believe he is to show up tonight if I’m not mistaken. Cena, Miz, Rock, and Cole all sucked last night.

  • Michael

    @ mark really grown up and constructive comments, you must be proud.

  • peep it

    Look at it like this. How many stupid angles have they done in the past? The cole thing is no different. I give the guy props for pissing us all off. And thats about it.
    What will the Rock say…… His probably going to say who the GM is. I dont think it will really have anything to do with him. As he will need to take a leave to go an promote fast and furious. So, theres nothing really that he is going to do. Other than Miz and Cena could beat the shit out of him to justify him leaving. LOL Who the fuck knows with these fucked up storylines. Oh but wait isn’t wresting real. Oh, wait its not wrestling anymore. HEY VINCE YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT !

  • RKOmonster

    its funny with that whole reverse call, Cole put his hands on Austin first. WWE is getting real stupid with that Cole story. fed up with it.

  • CC

    @Adam. Really? Cause I hate that cunt, and I prefer to mute when he is on. I thought most people tuned in to watch wrestling. If you say they are tuning in to listen to a little monkey faced gimp witter on, then people need to stop moaning about Vince not wanting to use the term wrestling as you are saying that people do indeed tune in to watch anything but wrestling.

  • mark

    the rock will announc i cant act n my movies suck so im gona bend over n take it n the ass by hhh so ican return for feew more nights

  • Rucdogg

    @Rusty that would be cool, only the gm has done some dumb stuff also, like reverse the winner last night with cole and lawler.

  • Jeff

    Cole is the GM…

  • aarrrrrtruth

    i know im excited for another #1 contenders match with no finish as only tna can provide.
    i hope raw and smackdown have huge resets coming because mania wasnt horrible but it was certainly not great.
    cole is “mr. wrestlemania”? “pro wrestling” needs to change. soon.

  • adam

    actually he does. Because all the people who bitch about cole are the same ones who tune into see what he will say next. As for rock it could be a match with him cena and miz or it could be him saying goodbye i guess we will have to turn in to see. Except the people who wont watch raw because there to busy getting amped up for another amazing impact.

  • CC

    Cole = ratings?
    Fuck off!

  • Kevin

    Honestly cole=ratings….Check the numbers. You guys complain about Sheamus and Bryan but they lose viewers also…Vince answers too advertisers and thats the bottom line.

  • Kevin

    Rich your dreaming!!! He is gonna announce that he is the new fast and the furious movie and not only did he get paid millions and millions from Vince but you will see that trailer everytime they go to commercial break!!

  • TomC

    WTF was up with that “Anonymous General Manager” call reversal w/ Cole v Lawler? DUMBEST THING EVER !!! Now we have to watch/listen to MOE of Cole’s unbelievably obnoxious channel-turning rants.

    ENOUGH with the flippin “anonymous general manager” crap. Yet ANOTHER one of McMahon’s recent FAILS

  • Rich

    or better yet a triple threat match for the wwe championship at Extreme Rules

  • Rich

    naw the rock will announce he is returning to wrestling part time and will fight cena in a match 1 on 1 or better yet The Miz vs The Rock for the WWE Championship with The Rock winning

  • scsa852k

    The Rock says “I’m shooting a new film. See you next year at Wrestlemania”