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The Rock Starting Angle After ‘Mania?, Styles Confirms Renovations, DiBiase

– WWE has officially released their new “DiBiase Posse” t-shirt for Ted DiBiase.

– It was reported months back that WWE was in the process of re-doing some of their office space and grouping different departments with each other. Joey Styles, head of WWE’s website, recently confirmed those reports when a fan asked him on Twitter if he works from home. Styles replied:

“I work in the newly renovated office space for TV Creative, Magazine and .com at WWE HQ.”

– As noted before, The Rock is scheduled for the April 2nd RAW Supershow – the day after WrestleMania 28. This isn’t confirmed but it’s believed that Rock will start a build for SummerSlam that night, schedule permitting. The idea all along has been for The Rock to do more than one big pay-per-view in 2012.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • RUSTanator

    do you all believe the rock is going to beat cena???

    just like you all thought hogan was going to beat the rock???

    cena goes over, they become friends.

  • k roy

    why does he have to wrestle every day to be considered “back”?? undertaker didnt show his face for a full year and no one says a word…

    give me a break…be happy he is back, he has no reason to be, clearly he loves wrestling and entertaining…hes earned the right no different than hhh taker michaels pre-retirement, etc, to work a light tv only schedule…

  • kamala’s foot

    ^Owen Hart sold out too^

  • Devil_Rising

    how did austin sell out? lol omg, so i guess edge did too? and droz? and every other wrestler who had to retire due to injury

  • kitkrock

    rock & austin sold out,
    but rock is the worse of the two because he’s a LIAR!

    never ever leaving? yeah right…

  • Devil_Rising

    yea i i cant wait for SS just to see rocky doing the only acting that idiots believe

  • Bill

    Who would Rock face next? Punk? Miz? Truth? Man, SS looks good this year!

  • True money

    ^ the new gen sux

  • Pig

    Please Rock go away gracefully. You left and didnt look back…..time for the new gen to step up and shine!!

  • Stevie P

    More Rock? I’m intrigued. We will see what he does but I won’t complain if he comes back. I don’t like the “I will always be here” talk cause we know that’s not true but I’m fine with him wrestling in WWE whenever he wants to.

  • xXFindleyXx


    Doubt it. They’ll probably do a best of 3 with Cena after WM and throw in some typical stipulations. “Extreme Rules – The Rock vs. John Cena in a street fight.” etc.

  • Prince

    Rock vs Punk or Jericho would be sweet. Could’ve been Miz, but not now he’s kinda in Vince’s doghouse.

  • Sammo

    Can someone do me a quick favour and try and comment on the “Bingo’s Breakdown” column below… It’s not letting me comment and I want to know if I’ve been blocked by the author or if it’s some sort of site error. Cheers!

  • JipC

    Cena sucks the brahma bull’s dick. WWE is finally giving their fans (the ones who buy tickets and Cena t-shirts for their 5yr old children)what they want to see. The Rock shitting on weak ass Cena. About fucking time.


    @Devil_Rising. Its all about the money dumbass havent you learned. How old are you 12?

  • Devil_Rising

    the wwe will, they always bend over and receive rocks shined up dick. wwe have no ethics when it comes to business, look how bad they treat cena (oh no i said his name) just to panda to rock, so yea hell be ‘back’

  • irishrhyno

    Or he could just be saying good bye.I doubt WWE wil give him talk time after the match