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The Rock Talks CM Punk as Champion, 1000th RAW, New Movies and More

The Rock hosted a “Rock Talk” Q&A this afternoon. Here are some highlights:

CM Punk as Champion: “@CMPunk has done an outstanding job as @WWE Champ. Ive had the honor of being 9x World Champion. I want #10..”

RAW’s 1000th episode: “No plans for a Rock Concert at ?#RAW1000? but I guaran-damn-tee you it will be electrifying. Crowd will be insane..”

His most memorable match: “My most memorable match ever was Wrestlemania 28 w/ Cena. Incredible electricity. Wrestlemania 29 will be bigger..”

Actors that have inspired him: “The actors that inspired me most to become an actor were Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Stallone & Gene Wilder.”

Fast 6: “Im excited for FAST 6. Its a fun bad ass character to play and best part has been the fans response.”

Other upcoming movies: “SNITCH may come out in Jan. Enjoyed making it as well as producing it. PAIN & GAIN (Michael Bay) is a 2013 release.”

  • santino sicilian cool

    and grumpy tyler is back.

  • Tyler(:

    Clearly this website is still the website of CM Punk’s ass kissery.

  • Devil_Rising

    A) I’m really fucking sick of “twitter speak”. It boggles the mind how insanely UNEDUCATED it is.

    B) I like Rock just fine, but he does not need to be in the main event at WM. Then again, neither does Cena. But somehow? They both will be.

  • JRC

    Punk would rip rock in promos…. I’m a big rock fan but I would hate for him to get in a promo match vs punk

  • SYM

    @Bolski only children want Triple Threat Mash up Matches… u showed ur age.

  • wwefan

    With Punk’s statements about the Rock in the past years, it would make for an interesting feud. So many pipe bombs.

  • poko

    Goddamn it, fake poko, I don’t care about you using the name, kids will be kids, but if you’re going to use the name then you can bloody well type out the word “you”. Look ignorant on your own name.

  • Rucdogg

    I thought the match vs Cena was pretty good. He had years off, it was the main event, and had a years worth of hype, couldve been better but coulda been a lot worse, it was a match with Cena in it. I would think he woulda said his match with Hogan at Mania, I still mark out when Hogan flexes on him and the crowd pops, and I have hated Hogan since I was littl(sting fan), but that match was awesome.

  • Robinson

    Wm29, really? I figured he’d say wm19 or anything else. With his ring rust in the match with cena id say it was close to his worst match imo.

  • poko

    STFU rock, fucking sell out! join edge, hbk, owen, eddie, austin and benoit who sold out before u…better go electrify yourself

  • Bolski

    No! No! No! Do not make Punk vs Rock!! Make Rock vs Taker vs Cena!!!

  • AttitudePl0x

    The Rock vs Cm Punk. Make it happen please.