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The Rock Weighs in on Cena & AJ’s Dinner, Linda’s Obama Ad

– Linda McMahon has been receiving some flack for her recent campaign ad where she encourages supporters of President Obama to split their ticket and vote for her and the President. Linda defended the ad to CTNJ, despite being unable to name an area where she agrees with the President.

– As noted earlier, John Cena took a little shot at The Rock in a Tweet sent to Vickie Guerrero earlier when he wrote, “Bit of advice @ExcuseMeWWE I know u r proud of your ‘actions’ but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask @therock”

The Rock responded to Cena, writing, “@JohnCena @ExcuseMeWWE @WWE Where’d U take @AJLee for your ‘business dinner’? Golden Corral? McDonalds? #CheapJabroni”

  • paul s

    Eric I’m starting to worry that u are literally saying exactly what I think. Is someone pranking me? Eric speaks the TRUTH! pg is the worst wrestling product ever. If the mondaynight wars were still raging it wouldn’t take long for wwe to go out of business. Jesus seriously I could comment onneverything just said, but thereabout point, ur 110%

  • ChrisDV

    “Bit of advice @ExcuseMeWWE I know u r proud of your ‘actions’ but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask @therock”

    Yeah, let’s ask the guy who cost Cena the WWE title at WrestleMania 27, left him lying at last year’s Survivor Series, beat him at this year’s WrestleMania & verbally eviscerated Cena 99% of the time in promos. Let us ask him about talking smack about John Cena, shall we?

  • wf3458

    Off subject in this from discussion but anybody that spilt there vote between Obama and Mcmahon is just saying I wanna vote Obmana and Romney. Mcmahon are the 1% and can’t be trusted.

  • Zedd

    Storyline wise this would explain all the title shots Cena has been getting recently. And I never noticed this before but Cena can’t spell.

  • Buttercastle

    I’d kill to take AJ to McDonald’s, just sayin.

  • Riddle

    Lol @eric commenting on rocky sucks spelling. Dude I couldn’t even follow what the hell you were talking about in any of your posts

  • Dan

    @Eric – He lost to Miz at Mania 27 as well.


    whatever,rocky is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better than YOU CANNT SEE ME

  • Eric

    since wwe wants to make cena into modern day hulk hogan. diffrence is back when hulk hogan was in peak prime of his pro wrestling career in wwe in 80’s when hogan was maineventing wm wm3 drew 93,000 people in michigan in 1987 there was no internet. no sites like this. social networking. cellphones were not even invented in 1987. it was diffrent time. fans were fans. they would cheer. when wwf would come to there hometown city/state they would show up. order wwf on ppv just eat it all up. fast forward to 2005. when cena became man #1 guy in wwe. 2005 social networking internet was big. it is diffrent time. vince can try all he wants. cena never going to get 100 percent of people in seats to cheer for him . as 100 percent fans did for hogan in late 80’s early 90’s it is new time. cena and wwe need stop this putting him in everything thing wwe. because cena will get more boos.than cheers. he will never draw 93,000 people. or kinda cash hulk hogan did

  • Eric

    it is pretty clear rocksucks guy. can’t spell. it rock hater who is jealous that rock man name for himself in wwe ring. the rock is great sport-entertianer i get alot of iwc people. or wrestling fan shit on rock. for taking break from pro wrestling in 2004. It was rock choice to leave pro wrestling in 2004. to go make money in hollywood. he can still draw alot money. to vince mcmahon that all that matters. I respect the rock for all the great things he did in wwe. in his near 8 yrs. the rock in 2003 won wwe title seven times. which back in 2003 being a 7 time wwe champion was big thing. rock by 2003 won ic title twice, won wwe title 7 times. beat hhh, mickfoley, taker. angle all great wwe had to offer. so in 2003 he wanted to beat austin at maina. he did that at wm19 with 54,000 people witness it. so he left. came back in 2004 wm20 in nyc for 2 on 3 match with foley vs evoultion. than had nothing to prove in wwe. went to hollywood. vince called him to comeback. i am glad rock came back. because atm rock beat everyone. all big names in business. hhh, austin, taker, angle, hogan, cena, who is really left for the rock to beat?

  • Shay R.

    What does “lier” mean @rocky sucks

  • Eric

    I mean at wrestlemania in 8 wrestlemainas cena has headline mainevented from 2005-2012 cena has only lost 2 times first los was in 2008 wm24 when he lost to orton who punted hhh in head. after cena eleva6ted slam attitude adjustment to hhh. then orton pin him in thriple threat. than his second lost came to the rock this yr wm28 when cena was doing his lame stupid u can’t see me crap. the rock put cena in his place. rock bottom cena for clean 1-2-3. proves attitude er is better than worst era in wwe history pg era. let see the rock taker vs hhh kane vs orton. kane, taker, hhh rock all 4 were big made name for themselfs at attitude era. so that proves attitude era legends are great.

  • Eric

    cena should really talk. wwe has net lost over 500million dollars last 2 yrs. supercena lame kiddie era is not drawing money and big ratings attitude era did. even the ruthless agression era in 2002-2007 was alot better current wwe. also that why wwe asked rock come back in 2011. because young guys and cena can’t draw big ratings or ppv buyrates the legend the rock can. wm27 and wm28 proves that the rock can still bring in cash. Also wwe had the rock beat cena with rock bottom. cena lost at wrestlemania. if i am not mistaken that lost vs rock at wm28. i think was only time cena lost clean in middle of ring for clean 1-2-3.

  • Rocky sucks

    Rock shut the hell up you ain’t funny u suck stop thinkin your better than everyone because your not rocks just mad he’s a sellout and a lier