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- WWE will be hosting over 30 kids for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at WrestleMania 27 this year.

- Edge, Christian, Trish Stratus, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Michael Cole and others were trending worldwide on Twitter last night during RAW.

- The Rock wrote the following on Twitter last night for John Cena: “John Cena – God himself can’t save you from the ass kicking I will give you this Sunday at Wrestlemania. TEAM BRING IT.”

  • erik

    @the stone cold truth yeah because wwe is scripted fix matches and wwe writing team would book cena winning over rock. in a real fight rock would fuck and mess vince’s little boy up!

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    In all fairness, Superman Cena could crush Rock like a bug.

  • F BOMB

    I dont like cena but the whole deal with him and the Rock he has been right. His promo last nite was good but PLEASE WWE turn him heal and lets have Rock Cena at Summerslam!

  • Trixie

    Please don’t let Cena win the title. Please!!

  • chris

    Cena will turn heel


    Cen a will win the title and then afer that the ROCK will come out and take the belt from him to become the NEW WWE CHAMPION!!! HAHAHA

  • mark

    Yep the Rock will cost Cena the title match at Mania in revenge for last nites attack.

  • TG

    Cena suprised me last night always respected what he did outside of wrestling but his attitude towards The Rock, woah! Might have been some legit heat. WWE build up Cena last year to turn on everyone at SummerSlam but didnt happen hopefully The Rock stays a little bit. If this fued happens Cena has no choice to be the heel by fan support alone.

  • ou

    Cena wins, Rock lays Cena down after the match.

  • E

    Its official, the wiz is leavin mania wit the title, the rock will put cenas candy ass in the rock bottom and the wiz will get the win.

  • Hunter

    Lets be honest, Cena’s promo sucked. That promo was supposed to have been built by WEEKS of anger- yet his delivery was flat. Fake tears couldn’t even save it.

    It showed he will never be in the class of HBK, Rock, STSA etc. He should have came to the ring and showed some ”ruthless aggression”. Instead he was justifying himself for things that the Rock had said, and using Dwayne’s return to get cheap pops. Woke up early in the UK for that- pathetic.

  • JAck45

    Cena was having a CRY bigger than when his little kiddies believed he was actually fired by Wade Barrett a few months back… honestly he comes out with so much emotion almost in tears with what hes saying
    REALITY CHECK CENA!!! its a show! the rock crapped all over every superstar for what they wore, the music they listened too and the fans that cheered them…if you were an actual wrestling fan of the rock as you quote, then you’d know this is just an average verbal attack that he does…
    Yet here you are, preaching that your so loyal, a hustler and so respectful…
    fuck u make me sick…

  • adam

    I dont know if he was shooting. I mean by now he should be used to getting booed in chicago i mean it has happend pretty much since he debuted. I say rock will cost cena the title at wrestlemania then he will somehow be involved in the rematch at mitb most likely costing him the title which would lead to a match. Any normal person this would turn heel but its the rock so it will in turn make cena a heel finally. Thats what i think this is all building up to because its what everyone accept the little kids and girls want. And lets be honest even if he is a heel all the girls will still cheer for cena. Exluding girls in chicago because i saw some in the crowd last night that were booing him like crazy.

  • The Great One

    john cena is a piece of homeless power ranger shit.

    “I address you like a man rock, to your face ”

    2 mins later hides outside the ring while rock lays the smackdown on 2 guys at the same time then sneaks in to the ring and jumps rock from behind. rock never did that when he was a star, not when he was a face character.

    But cena, get ready for an ass whoopin of a life time you piece of garbage, cause come sunday there will be no place for you to hide, no place for you to sneak up on rock, rock has dealt with miz and his attention is on you now. You did nothing when you were face to face with rock last night, you waited till he turned his back, well this sunday, you wont get that chance.


  • ou

    Something tells me Dwayne has the itch again. maybe not to be full time, not on the road like Cena or Orton or punk etc, but got a feeling he may do a taker/ Michaels type of schedule. watching his body language last night you can see it in eyes. That fire seems to be back. Can’t see Vinny Mac letting anyone (including Dwayne) to come into his biggest event and take out arguable his biggest face star, and that seems like that might happen now. If he does come back, is this the start of final a Cena heel turn. His cocky act last night towards Dwayne last night after the AA was quite refreshing.

    Also got to ask, does anyone else feel like Cena was some what shooting on Dwayne last night. He didn’t see, to know how to react and it seem like Cena was holding back with some emotion. (Might have to go back and watch that one)

  • Kevin

    Poor Rock he got his monkey ass put in the attitude adjustment last night!!!! Like The Rock has never hit anyone from behind…..Dude will be gone again soon and i dont want to hear about Stone Cold leaving he had a broken neck and wasnt in his prime like Dwayne..

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