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A pre-sale event for the Survivor Series takes place tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. ET. The password for the pre-sale is “CENAROCK” at TheGarden.com.

Advertising for the show reads: “The People’s Champion-The Rock returns to action for the first time in 8 years to join John Cena and all your favorite WWE Superstars at “Survivor Series.”

Despite the vague wording in the advertisement, The Rock is not scheduled to wrestle on the show.

source: F4WOnline.com

  • Matt

    yeah, like they’d take away from the $’s draw to wrestlemania to have him wrestle now…

    more conjecture by W-E, along with whatever site they copy/pasted this from.

  • StudDog

    Damn im even starting to annoy myself, LOL

  • StudDog

    Well that would depend on if he could get Cena to bring “it” Seems he cannot wrestle until he gets “it” But Cena has “it” and wont bring “it” to him.

  • breezy

    the rock debuted at survivor series in msg 15 years ago so u never know

  • venom

    I was thinking about going to MSG. That’s false advertisement if he doesn’t wrestle.

  • Dave

    im also glad im goign to be there to witness it too..waiting patiently for 9 am 😉

  • tombstone1108

    I dont know, Can you actually wrestle via satellite?

  • King

    i hope the Crock gets his damn ass kicked allover NYC…just damn glad im gonna be there to witness it in my back yard of NYC…ill be there

  • Password

    They should have had the password be fruity pebbles.

  • Yo

    CENAROCK ? Who the hell chose that password?

  • Effmenow

    “Despite the vague wording in the advertisement, The Rock is not scheduled to wrestle on the show.”


  • http://Twitter.com/GO24Seven GO24Seven

    The Rock’s last match was at MSG WM20

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