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The Rock Says Many Wrestlers Don’t Understand The “Business”

Online reports have indicated that there are a number of disgruntled wrestlers within the WWE locker room upset with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stealing the spotlight at WrestleMania XXVIII since he is not a full-time performer. Former WWE talent Shane Helms (a/k/a The Hurricane) added his two cents on the matter via Twitter and said those people should quit complaining.

“FTR, anybody in the WWE locker room that is bitching about The Rock’s involvement in WrestleMania needs to stop being a douche! He’s earned it!” the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion wrote Friday. “WrestleMania has always had celebrity involvement and if the the celebrity this year happens to actually be a GREAT pro wrestler, it’s a win!!”

Fellow former WWE star Lance Storm, who earlier said Johnson’s detractors should “shut up,” added, “If the dude will draw more money, he deserves the spot. Absolutely. And he WILL draw more money, end of story.”

Johnson caught wind of their statements Saturday morning. He wrote to them: “Incredible to me how many of the boys don’t get the “business” part of our business.”

  • beardsly

    I’m not too much of a fan of the Rock coming back because I would like the up-and-comers to get more spotlight and possibly feel motivated to work harder. With the Rock being there they know there is no way they are going to be able to get the spotlight because the WWE pushes them out because they have a “superstar” back. Yes the Rock is a great performer but its time to let the young’ens show what can be done (if the WWE lets them). Each wrestler deserves that “Wrestlemania Moment” in their career. Rock had his moment to shine and decided to move on. The Rock may be great for business but it can also be a bust for morale. The last thing that would be good for a company is having your talent upset because no time gets put into them (developmentally and creatively). Wrestlers like Christian, Ryder, Kane, Kofi, Miz, Santino work their butt of throughout the year and get the shaft at the biggest stage of them all.

  • Only Hogan, Savage, Rock, Austin, and probably Cena can draw on name value alone.

  • Bruno

    To be frank, it’s not fair for the rock to come and get the spotlight on wrestlemania. However, only cena can produce the effects on the rock so there is no big deal


    Outside of wrestling Dwayne Johnson you’re kicking ass and have become the biggest wrestling name to cross over into movies. But come April 1 John Cena is going to win 1-2-3!!!! Rocky Sucks….LET’S GO CENA…ROCKY SUCKS….CENA WON…

  • rocky sucks

    i understand the business and i still think the rock is a jerk. he sucks big time just like cena.and he’s a liar and a sell out who needs to shut the …. up.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Pull My Finger… I stopped wearing underoos when I was 8. Next, pork rinds taste terrible. And three… get a life and tell you mother I’ll be by at 9 to pick her up!!

  • Stevie P

    There are few people who can draw as much as The Rock. It’s is a very very short list. If you are one of the few on it, then you can bitch but until then they can’t say anything. The only person on the roster now who is even close to The Rock is probably Cena and I really don’t see him bitching (honestly, do you guys really believe his promo was real?).

  • ANNO20

    have you ever thought maybe its all just to do with the “REALITY” era? WWE (vince in general) is very clever when it comes to making the “Audience” or “Universe” believe certain things. i believe every1 in the locker-room respects the rock, YET when questioned via radio or on tv or whatever it may be, they dis-respect “Dwayne” to give the “REALITY” era the feel of REALITY. think about that for a second….

  • @fail go jump off a brifge

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  • CC

    People can say what they want about Helms, but what he and Storm are saying is spot on. Those guys were in that position years ago, and they just went with the flow.

    Rock vs Cena is pretty much as big a deal as Rock vs Hogan was all those years ago.
    Its two of the biggest stars from different eras, facing off on the WWE’s biggest PPV of the year.
    I dont like Hogan, and I dont like Cena, but I can certainly see how those two matches are a huge boost for business.
    If those in the business cant see that, then they really dont understand the business at all.


    Its funny how ten years ago everyone hated the rock because he challenged Hogan and left us for Hollywood and the rock bitched because people booed him out the building and booed him when Austin would come around and for a third generation wrestler who got every push for that reason no Dwayne I think you also don’t know business

  • fail

    Cm punk is the worst i cant stand him anymore

  • Stashathan

    @graham is biting off of my “true facts” line
    Wheres Otunga i need a lawyer lol

  • SB2012

    To be honest the match of the rock vs cena is to me the least exciting match on the cards so far. Cena is much too overrated as a wrestler and so is the rock. I mean seriously we need some new faces instead of just the same john cena all the time…

  • JIR

    Dwayne Johnson never promised to be there full time
    The Rock promised he would never leave meaning when he is in the building The Rock would always do what he does best and that is but on a show
    Don’t think too much into it and just enjoy the show

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Hey Bastion…. if the Rock doesn’t draw anymore, then why bring him back? For his name? Then the WWE needs to bring back Hulk Hogan. We all know the WWE can offer more money than TNA. It’s because the WWE knows:

    1. He can still go
    2. That there is genuine heat between Rock and Cena
    3. That, at the end of the day, the hype for this match alone will create huge buy rates for the ppv. And we all know that neither will go half-assed.

  • rob

    wonder who will be this years “JOMO” and give the rock the cold shoulder?

    honestly, i wonder if this is a bait from the writers. considering they’ve caught on with the internet audience since cm punk rose to the top, i wonder if we will see some kind of new invasion of the mid-carders during the cena-rock match and swarm a beat down. thinking about how the rock plans to stay a little bit longer post-mania, it could be what keeps him involved, then of course Cena doesn’t lose, and we have the Rock& Cena… *sigh* combo… never mind i hope not.

  • Prince

    Well said Lex. I agree with you 100%.

  • Lex

    Everyday I read the stories and everyone’s blogs whether it be positive or negative. But whether you like or hate what Dwayne does with his time, you can’t hate the fact that he is WRESTLING at WM28. Sure, Punk vs Y2J would be a great match. But this is Wrestlemania. The Rock vs Cena has that Rock/Austin HBK/Hart Warrior/Hogan feel to it. As a wrestling fan I order wrestlemania every year and I enjoy some matches and won’t complain with the product. Yet, in years past I have felt very cheated with the main events. You also can’t predict whom will be the main event anymore. The Royal Rumble winner has sadly taken a backseat along with the WWE title to a Cena storyline or Undertaker storyline. That maybe the same case this year but it is different. The Rock vs John Cena gives a special intrigue of a WM main event, which has been missing for a very long time. I truly believe this going to be a great card, but instead of doing so much “Dwayne” bashing, why don’t we stop for a moment and think. Think about how Dwayne is right, these wrestlers should learn the business, and look at themselves in the mirrors. Think about how John Cena has done a good deed by baiting The Rock long before this feud, stating The Rock is full it, “because he says he loves wrestling but is never there.” Think about how John Cena will truly get his opportunity at a legitimate Wrestlemania Moment (defeating HBK was not really a grand moment sorry). Think about all the fans who fell out of love with wrestling after the attitude era, but find it cool that one of their “guys” is back. Most importantly think about on April 1st you will see a legend vs legend (whether you like Cena or not he is a legend). And for one night you will see the Rock in probably the best shape of his life get in the ring and wrestle. For that night Vince McMahon I will be happy to give you my $54.99.

  • Effmenow

    LOL all of a sudden the first ten years of Rock’s wrestling career doesn’t matter to the locker room. Eff those spoiled brats. They could’nt dream of writing the promos that The Rock does.

  • Prince

    I think what he meant by never leaving again was that he won’t disappear and hardly ever show up on TV for about 8 or 9 years again. He’ll actually be around more often and on TV for the rest of his life. Obviously he won’t be back on the road, but he’ll appear on shows and probably wrestle some more matches or have involvement beyond this year’s WrestleMania.

  • LSC

    Rock doesn’t understand what promise means. Example “I PROMISE to never leave you again”. Said by Dwayne The Rock Johnson on February 14th 2011 to the WWE universe. Just Saying….

  • Graham

    fact wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year
    face wrestlemania is the biggest grossing ppv of the year
    superstars like john cena, ziggler, ryder, mcintyre, phenox, kofi, christian etc work over 300 days per year on the “road” fact.

    then how in the blue hell can a person like the rock main event mania? surely its a little harsh on the above.


  • Sly Cooper

    All of this bitching by the WWE wrestlers will stop after Mania. It can’t get here quick enough damn it.

  • Nicholas

    There is a lot of young guys in wrestling who don’t understand the buisness and that is why they don’t get push. Oh the blame the Wwe or the story writers and the internet people will all agree with them. But me I look for the wrestler working his way to the top not sitting around crying how they are not getting push. I look at guys like Cm Punk, Sheamus, the Miz and Bryan these are the workers in the Wwe right now. They all are not waiting around for somebody to push them the3y got there own push. Oh an I forgot Cena and Randy Orton you want to know why they are in the title picture all the time it is because they really work hard to get to where they are at that is who the young guys should be looking at then they would get there spot at Wm. It is about being critive not waiting around all the time.

  • Ross

    Those bums had plenty of time to claim their spot at the big dance. Who’s fault is that? Look in the mirror you non drawing bums.