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Is The Rock Going For The WWE Championship?, Health Update On Roddy Piper

— The Rock is featured on the cover of the December 2011 of WWE Magazine and is depicted appearing angry and ready to fight. The magazines teases the mega-superstar possibly having his sights set on championship gold. The headline reads: “THE ROCK! IS THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP GUNNIN’ FOR THE GOLD?”

— “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who underwent surgery on his neck last month, thinks he may be attempting his recovery too soon by attending today’s Legends of Wrestling taping at WWE’s television studios in Stamford, Connecticut.

The WWE Hall of Famer wrote on Twitter, “In Stamford. Pushing things a little to hard. What’s new. Doing round table tonight. I will have respect for everybody, but tell the truth!”

source: Twitter @R_Roddy_Piper

  • Ironcross

    the rock should stay the fuck away from the title. he should goto every raw + smackdown + every house show for 12 months before he even gets a shot

  • xXx

    if this is the scenario then what happened to the whole ‘cena leaving the title scene’ crap?

  • cenaWWE

    that’s cause he left right after

  • nick

    i thought rock was walkin out of this yr’s wm as champ… but nope, we got a random ending that people forgot about within a week

  • cenaWWE


  • The Great One

    Would be cool to see him have one last full time run but its not gonna happen.

    I understand, and agree with him leaving, he makes 10 times more and doesnt have to pu his body through hell for 300 days of the year and doesnt risk getting addicted to pain pills etc like alot of the guys have

  • cenaWWE

    yeah but knowing WWE cena will win it @ WM i hope the rock gets hit by a but at WM right b4 his match!

  • Prince

    Maybe Rock will win the Rumble and cash it early to walk into Mania as the champ.

  • Whatever

    complaining about the ending of a sentence is just depressing…

  • Sammo

    Ending a sentence with “lol” doesn’t make it funny. It just makes it depressing.

  • wtffbbqsauce

    maybe they’ll let him win it and drop it to cena at wm lol

  • nate

    @Venom first it would take a descent amount of money I would think to keep him around for say a 6 month run. Yes I’m a Rock fan but being a realist he makes plenty with movies and doesn’t endure the damage to his body he does in the WWE. But I bet anything that it would be the highest ratings the WWE has had for awhile if he stuck around for 6 months or so.

  • venom

    It would be nice to see The Rock get a title run, but he would have to stick around for that to happen.