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– Evan Bourne, The Rock, Triple H, Alex Riley and others were all trending worldwide on Twitter during last night’s RAW.

- Bret Hart wrote the following on Twitter last night about The Rock’s promo: “Nice promo from the Rock… Although his trophy case could use some work to bring it up to Hitman standards!”

- WWE is planning a in-ring showdown between The Rock and John Cena for an upcoming RAW before WrestleMania, likely the March 14th or March 21st show. With Steve Austin appearing on next week’s show, it isn’t expected that The Rock will be there because of concern that it might be overkill, but that’s not confirmed.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Pasta-Mania Brother!!

    yeah…and can u guys believe it, sting came back after 4 long months!! that was great! take that WWE!……lmfao

  • http://www.ace.com ace

    Seem kinda fierce this time.

  • RKO


  • dx

    i cant say it any better then old school rocks has said

  • robert

    are you kidding me, overkill, it would be a blessing for wwe if austin and rock are even gonna be in the same building together

  • matt

    why not in chicago on the last show b4 mania because thats when im gonna be there!!!!!! >:(

  • old school rocks!!

    have HBK, austin, HHH, rocky, and undertaker all be live on raw that would bring the house down!!!!!!!!!

    i can see it now have undertaker come out first to talk about the streak then HBK comes out to face to with the undertaker. HHH comes out to the ring…before you know the rock comes out to steal the spot light talk about the old time and how these new wrestler can hang…..vince comes out to calm things down…then austin music hits….the roof would blow off!!

    only if it could come ture

  • goonderblonggee dang

    When The Rock shouted “MY BLOOD!”, it looked like he was trying to go for an oscar or something. It just seemed very out of the ordinary for him to say it that way. It was as if he was full or sorrow.

  • Rich

    how many titles has bret hart won?..i’m just curious.

  • Matthew

    Vince is finally starting to listen to the people we get a rock/cena showdown, although it would be nice if it was with stone cold next week, and would be even better if vince decided to make the title match a triple threat-Rock/Cena/Miz w/Austin as the referee…that would compliment the Triple H/Undertaker match perfectly. WWE is starting to look more like the show I enjoyed watching back in the day w/people like Triple H, Undertaker, and The Rock back in the picture. Now if they would convince Austin to return for good after Tough Enough Season 1 is done, that would be perfect. And I think Cena is well on his way up there as well.


    Mark did you say shake hands cause that fuckin sucks! The sad part is that is a possibility i hope does not happen.

  • peep it

    Agreed that would be great. An Austin and Rock promo and berry fruity pebbles. Great promo as always by the Rock.

  • Myers

    Body Slam was indeed the shit! The opening song is epic.

  • The Great One


    What is vince talking about lol it would UNBELIEVABLE to have rock and austin in the same ring again, never mid a face to face with cena and rock , face to face with rock and austin would be the best thing in the last 10 years, would just be amazing to see them cut one more promo together, just one more

  • Rucdogg

    I liked the Rocks promo, I thought the crowd would have been more into it had he been live tho, they looked kinda pissed when his music hit and he was via sat,lol. but still it was a damn good promo, and kinda true, he did open doors for cena’s sorry ass movies, and triple h to be in blade, hell no wrestler had been in a movie since roddy piper and hulk hogan. (body slam was the shit)

  • Moe

    Overkill? Austin and the Rock in the same building is Electric!

  • evilangel

    Great concept Donners. I wish it would happen. Cena should turn heel for a while to see if that will get a rise out of the true wrestling fans.

  • dx

    crazy how these days its over kill to have rock and austin on the same show 10 years ago segments were cut in ring with rock austin taker kane hhh angle mcmahon..come on vince thats not over kill its fuckin classic the pg stuff has nothing but over kill of john cena for the kids give us somethin to remember about this years mania build up

  • donners

    have rock and austin both cut promos and bury cena, he disappears for a year, comes back a heel and everything is right with the world…..

    Wishful thinking?

  • mark

    Be good to have them finally face to face. hopefully at the end of all this , they can shake hands.

  • WWE Champion

    Why do a showdown on RAW? Not a smart business move. They should have the first ever staredown at WrestleMania in front of 70,000 fans. That will draw $$$$$.

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