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More on The Rock’s Upcoming Return to RAW, WWE-Twitter News, Piper

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper turns 57 today while former WWE star Nailz turns 53.

– Mashable ranked WWE the #7 most-talked about topic on Twitter last week. They wrote: “Adam “Edge” Copeland, whose career spanned 13 years with 11 World Championship reigns, announced his retirement due to an injury. The WWE’s next “Extreme Rules” is happening May 1. People are talking about possible matches.”

– As noted before, The Rock is advertised to return to WWE RAW on his birthday, May 2nd, from Miami, Florida. It sounds like WWE has something big planned for that night as several SmackDown stars are booked for the show – Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes.

This RAW will be the night after WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view and advertised locally is Randy Orton and John Cena vs. CM Punk and The Miz.

  • I agree with CC & JIR.

  • JIR

    my best guess is The Rock will appear every 2 to 3 months until the Rumble next year where he will show up weekly leading up to WM28

  • CC

    @No1 Coleminer. So what you are saying is its only ok to leave when you are nearly crippled by the industry, or killed by it, and that The Rock realising that he had a chance to go out both on top of his game and with his health, makes him into some sort of bad guy.

    At the end of the day, people pissed and moaned when he didnt return, and now we have people like you pissing and moaning when he does.
    Simple fact is that its not like his career is floundering and he is only coming back because he needs a paycheque, he is back because he wants to be.

    Nobody in wrestling owes the fans their life or their health just because you feel slighted if they leave under their own terms.

  • Ryan

    firstly its his hometown it doesnt mean he lives there, last i knew he lived in california somewhere so dont start on the whole its his hometown of course he’ll be there!

  • venom

    I agree with The Great One. At first, I was mad about The Rock disappearing and acting like he never wrestled. We all need to face facts. If The Rock never left, we would be sick of him and there would be nothing left for him to do. I am glad The Rock is back and surprised he is showing up on Raw so soon. Wrestlemania 28 is going to be the best Wrestlemania.

  • Me

    People act like wrestlers….I mean sport entertainers can’t do other things too. I’m sure they’re not one dimensional when it comes to things they like to do or would like to do in the future. If Edge would start making movies now people would start complaining about him like they do The Rock.

    I hate how Orton teams up with Cena alot now. I miss when Orton used to punt Cena all the time.

  • The Great One

    ehm coleminer i think you will find the rock made 2 maybe three 3 family m movies, the rest were action, so no it isnt pot and kettle, and the rock isnt bashing on kids, he is bashing on cena aiming at the kids and just ignoring the true wrestling fans.

    As for rock choosing to leave, is that why you hate him ? So you think that we should force the stars to stay in until they literaly break their neck and have to retire ? And if they dont that means they dont love the business just because he decided he wanted to leave before he suffered a life threatening inury , oh what a basytard rock is for ot wanting to kill himself and have himself in a wheelchair for the sake of entertaining people who will bash him and call him a sell out just like that if he decides to do whats best for him and not whats best for everyone, rock gave everything to the business and left before he was forced to leave, and before he left he damn sure had put wwe in a better position than when he came in, and he damn sure tried his absolute best to try help vince with new guys and putting them over, oh but he didnt break his neck doing it so it doesnt count

  • M.C.

    Who cares about why the rock is back? At least he’s back!

  • No1 Coleminer

    i look at it this way, Austin and Edge HAD and HAS to give up their love, rocky on other hand left to “pave the way” in such oscar classics as walking tall – playing the rock and even in the jungle movie. bashing on kids who like cena, well rocky who buys your movies and generates a hellova lot of income for you…kids, pot kettle anyone? those in glass houses and all. im no cena mark by any means, but rock should stop insulting our intelligences and either leave or stay

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite wrestler in the word NAILZ

  • The Great One

    its the week he gets back from all his promotion. Im sick of people bashing on rock, its a minority yes but its smart marks who think they are all edgey if they criticise the rock

  • No1 Coleminer

    in his home town hmmm very inconvenient for him to travel…not. bring out the rock marks

  • The Great One

    Hmmm seems like all the haters have shut up now havent they, oh we wont see rock for another year oh thats him back to hollywood, well suck on that you yabba dabba bitches, we left for a couple weeks to promote his movie which he obviously has to do, then he is coming back right after it. If you smell what the rock is cooking !!!